How to Watch Richard Osman’s House of Games in Ireland [2024]

Saturday, June 22, 2024


Richard Osman’s House of Games is a knowledge-based British quiz show hosted by Richard Osman and broadcast on BBC Two. In the show, four celebrities compete with each other for five consecutive days to win daily rewards.

This show has six seasons and 500 episodes. You can watch Richard Osman’s House of Games in Ireland for free on BBC iPlayer and Sky Go with a subscription if you are not a Sky subscriber. 

Since these services are unavailable in Ireland due to geo-restrictions, you must use a VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

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How to Watch Richard Osman’s House of Games In Ireland for Free

You can watch all episodes of its latest season on BBC iPlayer for free or download BBC iPlayer videos in Ireland to enjoy later. 

Unfortunately, due to geo-restrictions, it is only available in the UK. However, you may watch Richard Osman’s House of Games in Ireland on BBC iPlayer by connecting to the British server of a VPN.

Step 1: Subscribe to a reliable VPN service (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 3: Open the app and connect to the UK server (i.e., Docklands)


Step 4: Open your web browser and go to the BBC iPlayer website


Step 5: Sign into your account if you already have one, or click Register


Step 6: Select whether you’re under 16 or over 16


Step 7: Enter your birthdate


Step 8: Enter your email address and postcode


Step 9: Verify your account


Step 10: Click Continue


Step 11: Click on search to find Richard Osman’s House of Games 


Step 12: Select the episode to stream


Step 13: Click on the play button and enjoy streaming for free


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2 Ways to Watch Richard Osman’s House of Games in Ireland

The following are the two services to watch Richard Osman’s House of Games in Ireland:

1. BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer is our #1 recommended service for watching Richard Osman’s House of Games in Ireland. The show initially aired on BBC One, then switched to BBC Two, and now all of season 6’s episodes are available to watch or download on BBC’s streaming service, iPlayer

iPlayer is a one-stop entertainment destination that offers everything from live TV to popular films, TV series, and sports. The BBC iPlayer app is available on various streaming devices.

To watch iPlayer in Ireland, you will need a VPN because iPlayer is a geo-restricted service only available in the UK due to licensing restrictions. A trusted VPN, like ExpressVPN, can unblock iPlayer outside the UK.

Read More: Watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland

2. Sky Go


Sky Go, a streaming television service in the United Kingdom, offers Sky TV subscribers free live streaming and on-demand content. Content on Sky Go includes sports highlights, news updates, films, and TV series.

You can watch all Richard Osman’s House seasons easily on Sky Go desktop and mobile apps for free. If you are not a Sky TV subscriber, you can buy its monthly package for just £29 with a one-month free trial

However, the streaming service is only available in the UK due to geo-restriction policies. To access Sky Go in Ireland, you must use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

About Richard Osman’s House of Games Season 6

House of Games is a weekly quiz show presented by Richard Osman featuring brain teasers and confusing hints that contestants have to solve.

Season 6 of the show has introduced three exciting gaming rounds: Only Fools and Zebras, Double Trouble, and It Will Become All Clear. 

In Only Fools and Zebras, players must answer a question with an image from a category and then swap the picture from the category’s portion of the question.

In Double Trouble, players are given a letter and two hints with words beginning with it. The player who says the correct word gets points. In It Will Become All Clear, players must guess the movie from its blurry image before it becomes clear after a few seconds.

How Can You Watch Richard Osman’s House of Games In Ireland on Smartphones

BBC iPlayer has official apps for various streaming devices, including Android phones. However, since the service is only available in the UK and restricted in other regions, you can only download its app from Google Play Store if you’re in the UK. 

You can download the APK version of the app to watch BBC iPlayer on Android Phones in Ireland. 

Follow the steps below to watch Richard Osman’s House of Games in Ireland on Smartphones:

Step 1: Subscribe to any reliable VPN. ExpressVPN is our recommended choice

Step 2: Connect to a UK server (Recommended Server: Docklands)


Step 3: Download the BBC iPlayer APK

Watch-Richard-Osman's-House-of-Games-in-Ireland-mobile-3 Step 4: Click Install


Step 5: Once the installation process has finished, click Open to proceed


Step 6: Sign in to your account if you already have one


Step 7: Enter your Email address and password


Step 8: You will be redirected to the home page 


Step 9: Search for Richard Osman’s House of Games


Step 10: Choose an episode and click on Watch Now


Step 11: Stream and enjoy!


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Other Game Shows to Watch in Ireland

You can watch our recommended shows if you enjoy spending leisure time streaming game shows.

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Jeopardy is an American quiz show in which participants are given general knowledge clues in the form of answers and must build their answers as questions. The show has been on the air since 1964 and has a large global audience.

Watch Name That Tune in Ireland

Name That Tune is a famous American musical game show where two contestants are put against each other to test their music knowledge. It was initially premiered in the US on NBC Radio in 1952.

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Watch Amazing Race in Ireland

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Watch To Tell The Truth in Ireland

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Some more shows you can watch include The Great British Menu, MasterChef US and Britain’s Got Talent.

FAQs – Richard Osman’s House of Games

What is the highest score on House of Games?

The highest score on Richard Osman’s House of Games is 20 points.

Is there an audience on House of Games?

There is no audience in Richard Osman’s House of Games.

Is House Of Games recorded every day?

A week’s worth of shows is recorded daily, so the celebrities are booked for only one day, changing outfits between shows.


Richard Osman’s House is a famous British game show with an IMDb rating of 7.8/10. The show premiered on BBC Two but is also available on BBC iPlayer and Sky Go.

You can watch Richard Osman’s House of Games in Ireland using the free streaming service BBC iPlayer. Since the service is geo-restricted and unavailable in Ireland, you must use ExpressVPN to access it.

A VPN not only protects your identity online but also let’s you stream safely.

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