How to Watch Captivated in Ireland [Too Good to Be True | 2024]

Friday, June 21, 2024


Captivated, originally known as Too Good to be True, is a British thriller.  It is a story about a young woman and her son fleeing a wealthy businessman.

It is a miniseries with only four episodes. You can watch Captivated in Ireland on Virgin Media Player, Sky Go and Channel 5 for free.

Unfortunately, Channel 5 isn’t available in Ireland due to georestrictions. Therefore, I recommend using a VPN to watch the show on Channel 5, such as ExpressVPN. It can bypass the geo-restrictions within seconds.

How to Watch Captivated in Ireland for Free

You can watch Captivated in Ireland on Virgin Media Player. All you need to do is sign in for the service and enjoy streaming the show in Ireland for free.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Virgin Media Player website


Step 2: Click on the profile icon


Step 3: Click on register here


Step 4: Enter the required information and click on Create account


Step 5: Now click on sign in here to continue


Step 6: Enter your credentials to sign in


Step 7: Search for “ Captivated” and select the show


Step 8: Choose an episode you want to watch


Step 9: Enjoy Streaming


Try ExpressVPN

3 Ways to Watch Captivated in Ireland

I have mentioned three streaming services for watching Captivated in Ireland. It includes free and paid streaming services.

To bypass geo-restrictions on Channel 5 (My 5), I recommend you use a reliable VPN.

1. Virgin Media Player (Free)


You can watch Captivated on Virgin Media Player, otherwise known as TV3. It is a free streaming service that features a wide variety of entertainment, news, sports, and reality shows.

You can watch your favourite Virgin Media content on-demand with the service. In addition, the service provides live Virgin Channels.

If you want to catch up on Captivated episodes, you can do so by creating a free Virgin Media account.

2. Channel 5 or My 5 (Free)


Channel 5 is a public broadcasting television channel in the United Kingdom. Channel 5 has a streaming service called My5.

It offers hundreds of on-demand movies and TV series, including Too Good to Be True (a.k.a. Captivated).

Unfortunately, the streaming service is only available in the UK and geo-restricted in other regions due to international content licensing agreements.

You must connect your device to a reliable VPN to watch Captivated on Channel 5 in Ireland. I recommend using ExpressVPN for safe and easy access to geo-restricted services.

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3. Sky Go (Paid)


Sky Go is a streaming service that offers free live streaming and on-demand content exclusively for Sky TV users. It allows you to watch all the latest movies and TV series.

To watch Captivated or Too Good to be True on Sky Go, subscribe to the Sky TV plan for £31/month (Sky Stream, Sky TV & Netflix).

You can enjoy Too Good to be True/Captivated in Ireland on Sky Go, as the service is available within the Republic of Ireland and the UK.

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What is Captivated About?

It is a gripping thriller about a young mother (Rachel) and her son (Liam) fleeing from a wealthy businessman (Elliot) who will stop at nothing to find them.

Elliot invites Rachel and Liam to his log cabin, where a mysterious figure tells Rachel to run from Elliot while she can.

Rachel investigates Elliot’s background and discovers a disturbing childhood episode. Elliot gets enraged by Rachel’s treachery and exacts his revenge on Liam.

Who Stars in Captivated All About?

Following is the main cast of Captivated. If you want to see the entire cast of Too Good to be True: Captivated, click here.

  • Kara Tointon as Rachel Connor
  • Allen Leech as Elliott Fielding
  • Charlie Hodson-Prior as Liam Connor
  • Sara Powell as Simone
  • Taj Atwa as Jasmine
  • John Thomson as Geoff
  • Lesley Conroy as Elliott’s Mother
  • Seamus Moran as Martin
  • Grace Evans, as a Female Police Officer
  • Colleen Keogh as Receptionist
  • Graeme Coughlan as Elliott’s Father
  • Esther Ayo James as Teacher

How to Watch Captivated in Ireland on Mobile Phones?

Download the Sky Go app to watch Captivated in Ireland on your mobile phone. Follow the steps below to watch Captivated on Mobile through Sky Go:

Step 1: Download the Sky Go app 


Step 2: Open the app and Sign in to your Sky ID


Step 3: If you are new to it, create a new Sky ID


Step 4: Verify your email address


Step 5: Search for the “Too Good to Be True: Captivated


Step 6: Select an episode you want to watch


Step 7: Enjoy Streaming

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FAQs- Captivated

Will there be another season of Captivated?

No, there won’t be another season of Captivated, as it is a miniseries.

Is Captivated worth watching?

Yes, it is totally worth watching due to its good storyline, well-cast, and it keeps the audience enthralled.

Is Captivated and Too Good to Be True the name of the same series?

Yes, the series was released in Ireland with the title Captivated, whereas in the UK, it was released as Too Good to Be True.


Captivated is a 2024 British psychological thriller miniseries produced for Virgin Media Television and Channel 5. It has a gripping storyline, which keeps its audience hooked.

You can watch Captivated in Ireland on Virgin Media Player and Channel 5 for free and on Sky Go for a paid subscription.

To enjoy the Captivated in Ireland on the Channel 5 services, use a trusted VPN, such as ExpressVPN. It bypasses the geo-restrictions and hides your streaming activities from the ISPs.

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