How to Watch Loot in Ireland [New Season | 2024]

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

WATCH-LOOT-IN-IRELANDThe second season of the American hit comedy series will premiere on 3rd April. The episodes will be released every Wednesday at 9 P.M. on Apple TV+.

The series follows Molly Wells (Maya Rudolph), after getting divorced from a 20-year marriage, she decides to reintegrate her $87 billion settlement into her charitable foundation and reconnect with the real world.

You can watch Loot in Ireland on Apple TV+ with a free trial. I have also mentioned a free streaming service to watch the series for free in Ireland.

But here’s a catch! To stream Loot on a free streaming platform without interruption, use a safe and trusted VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN. It hides your streaming activities from the ISPs.

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How to Watch Loot in Ireland for Free

You can watch Loot in Ireland on Apple TV+. All you need to do is sign up for Apple TV+ and enjoy streaming Loot in Ireland on a 7-day free trial.

Follow these steps to watch Loot in Ireland:

Step 1: Go to an Apple TV+ website. Click on Search Icon


Step 2: Search for “Loot”


Step 3: Select the show


Step 4: Choose a season and episode you want to watch


Step 5: Click on Play Free Episode


Step 6: Enter your Apple ID or Email address. Click Continue


Step 7: Enter your password, name, date of birth, and click Continue


Step 8: Enter verification code


Step 9: Choose your payment method and enter the relevant info


Step 10: Scroll down to add billing address and click Continue


Step 11: Enjoy Streaming!

2 Ways to Watch Loot in Ireland

Below are two ways to watch Loot in Ireland in Ireland:

1. Apple TV+


Apple TV+ is an American premium streaming service that offers a range of Apple Original TV shows and movies.

The service is available through Apple’s website on supported browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge. The Apple TV app is available for all Apple devices.

The service is available worldwide with Apple devices, including in Ireland. You can subscribe to Apple TV+ in Ireland for €9.99 per month with a free 7-day trial.

You must sign up for the Apple TV+ to play a free episode of Loot in Ireland.

Read More: How to Watch Apple TV+ Outside Ireland



I recommend to watch Loot as it offers a wide range of free TV shows, movies, documentaries, talk shows, news, music, and more.

On this platform, you can watch shows like The Rookie, Shogun, Halo, Under The Banner of Heaven, Griselda, etc.

Even though Gomovies is accessible globally, your ISP can block the site because the service streams the show unofficially.

You’ll require a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock the free streaming site and hide your streaming activities from ISPs.

What is Loot Season 2 All About?

Maya Rudolph plays ultra-rich divorcée Molly Wells in the ensemble comedy. Season 1 ended with Molly promising to donate all her money to humanity.

The new season sees Molly and her charitable foundation working to make this promise a reality, often to hilarious results.

The show establishes itself as a laugh-out-loud comedy, bringing brightness and silliness with each episode.

The new episodes establish Molly’s interactions with her colleagues, as well as her personal ties.

What is the Cast of Loot Season 2?

Following is the main cast of Loot Season 2.

  • Meagen Fay as Rhonda
  • Maya Rudolph Molly Wells / Molly Novak
  • Michaela Jaé (MJ) Rodriguez as Sofia
  • Joel Kim Booster as Nicholas
  • Ron Funches as Howard
  • Nat Faxon as Arthur
  • Stephanie Styles as Ainsley
  • Adam Scott as John Novak
  • David Chang as David Chang
  • Amber Chardae Robinson as Tanya

If you want to see the entire cast of Loot, click here.

How to Watch Loot in Ireland on Mobile Phones?

You can watch Loot on your mobile phone on a free streaming website. Since the site is unofficial, you must use a VPN to hide your streaming activity from your ISP.

Follow these steps to watch Loot in Ireland on mobile phones:

Step 1: Subscribe to a safe VPN service (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device.

Step 3: Connect to the US Server 


Step 4: Open the OR and click on the search bar


Step 5: Search for Loot


Step 6: Select the show


Step 7: Choose a season and episode you want to watch


Step 8: Click on the Watch Now button


Step 9: Enjoy streaming!


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Other Shows to Watch in Ireland

Here are some recommendations to watch in Ireland:

Watch American Horror Story in Ireland

American Horror Story is an anthology horror series with 12 seasons, airing on Hulu and Disney+. It is known for its storytelling, visual aesthetics, and performances. It features recurring cast members like Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters.

Watch Apples Never Fall in Ireland

Apples Never Fall is a mystery crime miniseries based on Liane Moriarty’s novel, set in the Delaney family. It is available on Peacock TV and TVNZ+

Watch Echo in Ireland

Echo is an American miniseries based on the Marvel Comics character, featuring Maya Lopez as she returns from Kingpin and grapples with her Native American roots. It is available on Disney+ and Hotstar.

Watch Saturday Night Live in Ireland

Saturday Night Live, an American late-night sketch comedy show, is currently airing its 49th season. It features a diverse cast and a unique blend of satire and humor.

Watch The  Cleaning Lady in Ireland

The Cleaning Lady features a Filipino doctor named Thony, who becomes a cleaning lady in the US. She uncovers a wealthy family’s dark secrets, which leads her to a dangerous world of crime and corruption.

Watch Celebrity Big Brother in Ireland

Celebrity Big Brother is a reality television show where public figures live together in a specially designed house, isolated from the outside world.

Other shows to binge-watch may include Joan, Shogun, OZ, Celebrity Big Brother, and more.

FAQs – Loot

How many episodes will be there in Loot Season 2? 

Season 2 of Loot comprises eight episodes.

Where else can I watch Loot other than Apple TV+?

Loot is an original comedy show on Apple TV. Unfortunately, no other streaming services have Loot in their content library. 

Can I use a free VPN to watch Loot on a free streaming service?

A free VPN to watch Loot is not recommended, as it does not hide your streaming activity properly.


Loot is an American comedy TV show starring Maya Rudolph. The series is full of waves of laughter and silliness.

The show is available on Apple TV+ and a free streaming platform. However, a free streaming platform requires a reliable VPN to watch Loot in Ireland, as it is an unofficial way to watch the show.

To watch Loot in Ireland on a free streaming service, use a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN. It hides your streaming activities from the ISPs and protects your IP address.

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