How to Watch POP TV in Ireland (2024)

Saturday, June 22, 2024


POP TV is an American pay cable channel that has many exciting shows you might like to stream, but unfortunately, it is unavailable in Ireland.

The only way to watch POP TV in Ireland is by signing in with a valid US TV cable provider and by connecting to a US server of a VPN.

We have discussed the 3 US TV Cable providers i.e. Hulu Live TV, Fubo, and YouTube TV to access POP TV outside the US.  

We have also discussed a free method that helps you watch POP TV for free. However, that would require the use of a VPN as well to hide your IP address.

Our Recommended VPN – ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is our recommended choice for streaming any geo-restricted services that are unavailable in Ireland OR it is used to stay anonymous over the internet for watching anything for free as it hides your streaming activity from the ISPs.

Subscribe to ExpressVPN today and enjoy 3 extra months for free. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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3 Ways to Watch POP TV in Ireland

You will find POP TV on numerous US TV Cable providers that allow you to sign up for the service. 

These websites might need a subscription but pay you back in multiple ways, such as good quality streaming, Cloud DVR, access to numerous TV channels and on-demand content, and much more.

I have listed the 3 best US TV Cable providers through which you can access POP TV. Once again, you will need to use a VPN (such as ExpressVPN) and connect to the US server to access these services.

1. Hulu+ Live TV


One excellent option to stream POP TV in Ireland is Hulu+ Live TV. It is a US-based streaming service that allows you to stream 67 channels, including Pop TV, MSNBC, and CNBC, for $69.99/month. 

It supports multiple devices for streaming live, including your web browsers, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Chromecast. Other devices include Xbox One and Smart TVs ( LG or Samsung).

Hulu+ Live TV allows you to stream on two screens simultaneously, which means you can share your account with a partner and enjoy live streaming Pop TV and other live channels. 

It gives you a Cloud DVR facility which is unlimited, and only you can still save your favorite movies and TV shows to watch later. However, you can upgrade your account for $14/ month, add a 200-hour cloud DVR, skippable ads, and get unlimited screens.

But the fact that Hulu is also a US-based streaming service makes it clear that there will be geo-restrictions and that you will need a good VPN to resolve these issues. You can get ExpressVPN to make your work a lot easier.

Read more: How to Watch Hulu Live TV in Ireland

2. Fubo TV


Fubo TV includes POP TV in their Fubo package costs $69.99/month. It comes with a 7-day free trial, meaning you can use their service first and make sure before you pay.

The subscription can be canceled anytime during the trial period, and you won’t even be charged.

Fubo has a huge Live TV and on-demand range to choose from, including news, sports, entertainment, and more. Some of these channels include Nickelodeon, Syfy, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, Fox News, Bravo, and Discovery.

With a subscription to FuboTV, you get to stream on three screens at the same time and record POP TV on the 1000-hour Cloud DVR. You can stream POP TV with HD quality and live in Ireland as it streams in the US.

FuboTV supports many devices to stream live, including web browsers and Android or iOS mobiles. Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and Roku. You can stream with ease on any of the devices anywhere or anytime.

You can stream POP TV on FuboTV with a reliable VPN service (such as ExpressVPN) to bypass Fubo restrictions because the service is only available in the US.

Get FuboTV

3. Youtube TV


One last and yet the most assured option we have for you to stream POP TV is Youtube TV. POP TV was added to the list of live TV channels in late 2020 alongside other channels. You can subscribe to Youtube TV and stream live for $64.99 monthly

The subscription includes unlimited DVR to record shows, which can be accessed anywhere and on any device. Youtube TV is a standard and smart option for streaming US TV channels.

It supports Android, iOS, Apple TV, FireTV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku devices, and more.

It offers a 1-week free trial which can be canceled during the period. Youtube TV has Live TV channels and a vast on-demand library that can be accessed alongside. You can stream quality content with Youtube TV.

Three users can access Youtube TV accounts simultaneously, and you can also choose from 60 channels. These channels are AMC, Cartoon Network, Discovery, Disney Channel, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, Paramount Network, Syfy, and more.

But you need to remember that you will need a VPN to access the content on Youtube TV. This can be very easy if you already have a subscription to one of the premium VPNs. If not, you can still subscribe to ExpressVPN for the best results.

How to Watch POP TV in Ireland 

You must use the credentials to log in to the cable service and stream in Ireland. We have used Fubo as an example in this guide.

Follow the steps to watch POP TV in Ireland :

Step 1: Subscribe to a good VPN (ExpressVPN is our recommended choice)

Step 2: Download the ExpressVPN app and install it on your device

Step 3: Open the VPN app and connect it to a US server (e.g., New York)


Step 4: Go to the Fubo website and click on Start Free Trial


Step 5: Either sign up with your email OR Sign up with Gmail, Facebook, etc.

Step 6: Enter your billing information to get 7-days free trial


Step 7: Choose Pop TV from the list of channels


Step 8: Start streaming!


Try ExpressVPN

We tested 35+ VPNs to see whether they were able to unblock POP TV in Ireland with the help of the above-mentioned US TV Cable providers.

We found that there were only 3 best VPNs that were able to bypass US TV Cable Providers’ geo-restrictions.

Here’s a list of the 3 recommended VPNs:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Surfshark
  3. NordVPN

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of Ireland’s most recommended and reliable VPNs to access POP TV. It has 3,000+ servers in 90+ countries which helps you to stream restricted content. 

These servers are widely spread and appreciable, which helps you stay connected to them constantly and get a speedy streaming connection without hanging.

ExpressVPN is a service that has 30+ US servers including New York, Washington DC, Dallas, and New Jersey. It is the best server for you to stream as it can get you past the geo-restrictions safely.

POP TV and many other services like Fox TV, Hallmark Channel, Absolute Radio, C8, and Logo TV can be streamed easily by connecting to a required server.

A VPN Service like ExpressVPN is required for you to stream free without any disturbance or lagging as it has the fastest speed of 89Mbps out of 100Mbps.

It helps keep your identity hidden and your server safe with its Split Tunneling and double masking features. You can use its app for multiple devices Android, iOS, Smart TV, AppleTV, and desktops.

You can subscribe to ExpressVPN for just €6.42/month and enjoy streaming any geo-restricted service without fear of being detected. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee along with the subscription. 

Try ExpressVPN

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is the second best VPN service on our list to stream POP TV in Ireland. It is one of the most popular and cheapest VPNs than the others, and you can easily access POP TV in Ireland with this VPN. 

This VPN service has 3200+ servers worldwide and high-class security that keeps you safe and free from any risky ads, trackers, and hackers on the internet.

Central areas like New York, Houston, Dallas, and WashingtonDC get fast speed and have 500+ US servers of Surfshark VPN. 

It has a 320-bit AES encryption, with a no-log policy and no data logs, which keeps you safe and secure. It impersonates your data to hide it from the online breachers. You must make sure that you are well connected and do not face any buffer. 

Surfshark is a very fair solution if you like to stream shows and movies on different streaming services like HBO, Hulu, BBC, Hallmark, POP TV, and more. The open web avoids any kind of government eavesdropping and other companies tracking as you surf on it. 

Surfshark has a subscription of $2.49/month, and you can enjoy streaming it on numerous devices. It also gives you a 30-days money-back guarantee. It protects your web activity with its DNS Leak and double masking features

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is also on the list of the best VPN services to stream Pop TV in Ireland. It helps you watch live on the web with its extensive list of servers which makes the streaming easy.

NordVPN keeps your server secure through its vast list of features, which includes DNS leak protection, Automatic kill switch, no-log policy, Double VPN, and Next-generation encryption. These features keep you secure and help you maintain your anonymity and privacy to keep you protected. 

NordVPN has 5000 best VPN servers worldwide in around 59 countries. These servers are turbo and secure to connect with.

NordVPN is available for almost all devices, including Chromebook, Chromecast, Kindle Fire, Nintendo, Xbox, and many others.

All the geo-restricted content can be streamed online with the help of VPN servers and streaming services like Hulu, SlingTV, and Fubo TV

NordVPN has a subscription of $3.29/month, it also provides you a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can connect and use the subscription for six devices at the same time. It also has a chat support service to help or resolve issues. 

How to Watch POP TV in Ireland for Free

Step 1: Subscribe to a good VPN service (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice)

Step 2: Download and Install the ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 3: Open the app and connect with the US server


Step 4: Go to the OR website and scroll down to choose POP TV from the list of channels.


Step 5: Click Play and start streaming!


Try ExpressVPN

Why do I Need a VPN to Stream POP TV in Ireland?

As mentioned above, Pop TV is a US-based cable channel unavailable to stream anywhere outside the US. You need valid US TV Cable provider login details to access Pop TV in Ireland.

Apart from that, you need a reliable VPN and connect to the US server to access these US Cable providers from Ireland.

When you connect to the US server of a VPN, you will be assigned a US IP address. The US Cable providers such as Fubo, YouTube TV, etc, will then assume that you are from the US and will grant you access.

Changing your IP address or your location is not the only thing that VPNs do; they also keep your device protected from bugs and viruses. They make your identity anonymous on the internet and maintain your privacy.

But you should be attentive while choosing a VPN as not every VPN is reliable. For your help and guidance, we have made a list of some of the best VPN services which will help you get access and are also secure and reliable. 

What to Watch on POP TV

Pop TV is a pay TV channel with entertainment for every hour, and it is home to some of the most loved TV shows on the internet, including Schitt’s Creek and more. Here is a list of shows you can catch live on the TV channel in Ireland with a VPN.

  1. Great Expectations
  2. How The Finch Stole Christmas
  3. Family Matters
  4. The Domino Heart
  5. Abby Road
  6. Both Sides Now
  7. Epic Fail
  8. The Tyrant
  9. Ghostbusters (1984)
  10. Kindergarten Cop
  11. Hot Date
  12. Rock This Boat
  13. Let’s get Physical
  14. Hollywood Darlings
  15. Love is a witch
  16. Soul survivor

Other Streaming Services to Watch in Ireland

Here’s a list of other streaming services to watch in Ireland with the help of a VPN apart from POP TV: 

FAQs – Pop TV

What is a POP TV Channel?

POP TV is an American pay television channel formerly known as TV Guide Network. ViacomCBS own it under its domestic network division through MTV Entertainment Group. It is an entertainment channel that primarily focuses on programs concerning popular cultures. 

Is POP TV a free channel?

You do not need a cable or satellite subscription to stream POP tv. You can stream it with a live streaming service. I gave you a free trial at the very start. 

Where can I watch POP Network?

You can watch POP on all major cable and satellite providers; it has a downloadable app PopNow and is now on most over-the-top streaming services. It features a range of “Still Awesome” movies and famous tv shows; their viewers grew up watching and enjoying some favorite shows like Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed, ER, and Gilmore Girls

What happened to the POP channel?

Pop has been available in 67.348 million households in America since September 2018. In 2015 it was rebranded as Pop. in 2019, CBS gained Lionsgate’s 50% stake in the network and merged it with Viacom.


As now you know all the ways of streaming POP TV in Ireland, you can smartly choose and start streaming now. In this guide, we have added free and premium ways to stream the service.

As all the options are US-based, you can still access them in Ireland by choosing any of the given methods. In order to access geo-restricted services like POP TV, a VPN is essential. Thus, the best VPN services available are mentioned in the guide.

Our most recommended VPN is ExpressVPN to watch POP TV in Ireland or any other geo-blocked channel. We have done our best by guiding you about two more VPNs that provide excellent services and are secure and reliable to use.

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