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Monday, March 4, 2024


Dexter is an American crime show about a Miami Metro Police forensic technician who lives a double life as a vigilante serial killer and a crime solver

He hunts down murderers who have not been punished by law due to corruption or legal technicalities. Dexter has eight seasons and received several accolades, including two Golden Globes awards.

You can watch Dexter in Ireland if you have a Paramount+ subscription. FuboTV US is another premium way to watch the show with a subscription.

Since Fubo is geo-restricted in Ireland, you must unblock the service in Ireland through a VPN. Premium services can be quite costly, I found a free streaming website to watch all seasons of Dexter for free.

However, you must use ExpressVPN to hide your streaming activity from your ISP when using the free site.

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How to Watch Dexter in Ireland

Paramount+ is the official way to stream all seasons of Dexter in Ireland. The service is available in several regions, including Ireland, with a monthly or annual subscription.

The following is our recommended way to watch Dexter in Ireland:

Step 1: Go to the Paramount+ website and click Sign Up for Paramount+

watch-dexter-in-ireland-1 Step 2: Click Continue


Step 3: Enter your credentials. Click Agree and Continue


Step 4: Select Continue 


Step 5: Choose your subscription plan


Step 6: Enter your payment credentials


Step 7: Search for Dexter and select the show


Step 8: Click Watch Now to enjoy streaming


Free and Premium Ways to Watch Dexter in Ireland

Dexter is among the most popular crime shows, with 8.7/10 IMDb ratings. There are several free and premium streaming services/websites where you can enjoy all seasons of Dexter.

The following are my most recommended ways to watch Dexter in Ireland:

1. Paramount+ (Premium)


Dexter is an original Showtime production that you can stream on its streaming service, Paramount+. Showtime has been rebranded as Paramount+, and all content has shifted to the Paramount+ streaming service.

The subscription-based streaming service is available in several countries, including the US, UK, Ireland, etc. You can subscribe to Paramount+ for €7.99/month with a 7-day free trial. 

Each region has a different content library; however, Dexter is available in almost every region. You can stream all seasons through Paramount+ Ireland.

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2. FuboTV (Premium)


FuboTV is another premium way to watch all seasons of Dexter in Ireland. It is a VOD and live TV streaming service, offering over 200 channels, including Showtime.

You can enjoy Dexter on demand by subscribing to any FuboTV plan. The plans start from $79.99/month and offer unlimited on-demand content, including TV shows, movies, and sports.

Due to geo-restrictions, FuboTV is only available in the US, Canada, and Spain. You can only watch Dexter on Fubo US via a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Read More: Watch FuboTV in Ireland

3. (Free)


GoMovies ( is my recommended streaming website when I couldn’t find any reliable and official free way to enjoy a TV show or movie. It has all seasons of Dexter for streaming.

GoMovies offers a variety of classic and new content. You can stream all recently released TV shows or movies within a day of their release. Unfortunately, the service does not have an official license to stream its content.

Your ISP may block the website due to unlicensed distribution. You can use a VPN service such as ExpressVPN to hide your streaming activity from your ISP.

What’s the Storyline of Dexter?

Dexter is a complex crime show filled with contrasting emotions. While Dexter is considered a bad guy, the audience may sympathize and support his morally right choices and vigilantism.

Miami police officer Harry Morgan adopts Dexter after being orphaned and witnessing his mother’s gruesome death. Recognizing his sociopathic tendencies, Morgan trains Dexter as a vigilante, targeting only the bad guys.

Dexter lives a dual life of a serial killer and a forensic inspector who specializes in blood splatter pattern analysis. 

Who’s in the Cast of Dexter

The following is the list of Dexter’s cast members:

  • Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan
  • Julie Benz as Rita Bennett
  • Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan
  • Erik King as James Doakes
  • Lauren Vélez as María LaGuerta
  • David Zayas as Angel Batista
  • Angel Batista as Harry Morgan
  • C. S. Lee as Vince Masuka
  • Desmond Harrington as Joey Quinn
  • Aimee Garcia as Jamie Batista

How to Watch Dexter in Ireland on Mobile Phones

The only free way to enjoy Dexter is through an unofficial streaming website. I could watch all seasons without creating an account.

However, since the site is unofficial, you must use a VPN to hide your streaming activity from your ISP.

Follow the steps below to watch Dexter in Ireland on mobile phones:

Step 1: Install our suggested ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 2: Connect to the US Server 

watch-dexter-in-ireland-mobile-2 Step 3: Open the OR website and click on the search bar


Step 4: Search for Dexter and choose the show


Step 5: Choose the season and episode you want to watch


Step 6: Enjoy streaming


Try ExpressVPN 

Other TV Shows to Watch in Ireland

If you are a crime or thriller fan, you must stream the following shows in Ireland:

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True Detective is an anthology crime drama series focusing on different characters and storylines each season. The show follows police inspectors or detectives solving murder cases.

Watch Miss Scarlet & the Duke in Ireland

Miss Scarlet and the Duke is a British-American crime drama that follows two Victorian detectives: Eliza Scarlet, who becomes penniless after her father’s unexpected death, and William Wellington, a detective inspector of Scotland Yard.

Watch Murdoch Mysteries in Ireland

Murdoch Mysteries is a Crime drama based on the Detective Murdoch novels by Maureen Jennings. The show follows William Murdoch, a police detective officer in the early 19th century who uses unique and unorthodox ways of investigating crimes.

Watch the Secret She Keeps in Ireland

The Australian thriller drama The Secrets She Keeps is about two women who have catastrophic secrets that have the potential to ruin everything they cherish. Their lives are forever shaped by meeting in a neighbourhood store in a Sydney suburb.

Watch Love & Death in Ireland

Love & Death is based on a true story. The show follows the story of the Betty Gore murder case in the early 1980s. Candy Montegommary is a housewife who had an affair with his choirmate Allan Gore, falls in love with him, and murders his wife out of jealousy.

Watch Blue Bloods in Ireland

Blue Bloods is an American police procedural TV series. The show follows the Regan Family, an American-Irish Catholic family in New York City with a history in law enforcement agencies.

FAQs – Dexter

Is Dexter based on a true story?

Dexter is a work of fiction, but a real-life serial killer, Pedro Rodrigues Filho, inspires the character.

Is there season 9 of Dexter?

No, the original Dexter series concluded in season 8, but the new story starts with its spin-off, Dexter: New Blood.

What is the psychology behind Dexter?

According to psychologists, Dexter has a genetic Anti-social personality disorder. The traumatic murder of his mother that he witnessed at the age of 3 years shaped his life.


Dexter is a crime thriller TV show following the titular character living a secret life of a serial killer and crime solver.

Dexter works as a blood splatter analyst at the Miami Police Department. His role as a forensic officer provides a perfect cover for his vigilantism.

You can watch Dexter in Ireland with a premium subscription to Paramount+ and FuboTV USI have also included a free website to stream the entire show.

However, you must use a VPN to watch on a free website. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice to hide your streaming activity and unblock geo-restricted services in Ireland.

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