How to Watch Murdoch Mysteries in Ireland for Free [All Seasons | 2024]

Wednesday, May 29, 2024


Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian Crime drama that currently airs on CBC. The show’s main character is based on the Detective Murdoch novels by Maureen Jennings. 

The show follows William Murdoch, a police detective officer in Toronto, Canada, in the early 19th century. Murdoch uses unique and unorthodox ways of investigating crimes that were unheard of at that time. 

The show has 17 seasons. You can watch Murdoch Mysteries in Ireland on Now TV, one of Ireland’s most popular streaming services. Since the service requires a subscription, it’s not budget-friendly.

Our recommended free ways to stream the show are CBC Gem and Amazon FreeveeUnfortunately, both free methods are unavailable in Ireland due to geo-restrictions. But you can access them through a VPN like ExpressVPN.

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How to Watch Murdoch Mysteries in Ireland for Free

Our recommended way to watch Murdoch Mysteries is through CBC Gem. The service has all seasons of the show that you can stream with a free account

Since CBC Gem is geo-restricted to Canada, we recommend using a premium VPN to access it in Ireland.

Follow the steps below to watch Murdoch Mysteries in Ireland:

Step 1: Subscribe to a safe VPN service (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 3: Open the app and connect to the Canadian server (i.e., Toronto)

watch-murdoch-mysteries-in-ireland-3 Step 4: Open your web browser and go to the CBC Gem website. Click Sign in if you already have an account or create a new one


Step 5: Click on Create Account


Step 6: Select Create a free account or Sign with Google, Apple, or Facebook


Step 7: Enter your email address and click continue


Step 8: Create a password


Step 9: Enter your name and click Create account


Step 10: Complete your account setup by entering the date of birth and postal code. E.g., M5H 2N2


Step 11: Once on the home page, search for Murdoch Mysteries 


Step 12: Select the season and episode you want to watch


Step 13: Enjoy streaming


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Other Ways to Watch Murdoch Mysteries in Ireland

You can enjoy Murdoch Mysteries on free and premium streaming services. You only need to create an account for streaming if you choose a free method. However, premium service requires a subscription

Below are three ways to watch Murdoch Mysteries in Ireland:

1. CBC Gem (Free)


CBC Gem is a digital streaming service where you can watch hundreds of TV shows and movies for free. You only need to create a free account to stream your favourite content. The free account also lets you stream kids’ programming without any ads. 

With the free CBC Gem account, you can also access 14 channels live, live news, and sports. It also allows you to add VOD content to your favourites list. 

You can get CBC Gem on several streaming devices, such as Roku, Android phones, iOS phones, Android TVs, and iOS TVs.

Unfortunately, CBC Gem is only available in Canada. You can stream the service in Ireland with the help of our recommended VPN, ExpressVPN.

2. Now TV (Premium)


The official way to watch Murdoch Mysteries in Ireland is to get a Now TV subscription. Now TV is a popular VOD streaming service in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

The streaming service offers all seasons of Murdoch Mysteries that you can enjoy with Now TV’s basic Entertainment plan. The plan costs €11.99/monthly, and the Entertainment + Cinema bundle is €23.98/monthly

You can stream Now TV without hassle on its official website and apps compatible with several streaming devices, including Chromecast, Samsung TV, Android Phones, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. 

3. Amazon Freevee (Free)


Another free way to stream Murdoch Mysteries is via Freevee. Amazon Freevee is an American ad-supported video-on-demand streaming service.

The service offers original programs, like Jury Duty, and licensed programs from other platforms, such as The Originals and Murdoch Mysteries. 

You can watch all seasons of Murdoch Mysteries on Freevee without any subscription. You only need to register and create your account

However, Freevee is only available in the United States. We recommend using ExpressVPN to unblock the service and stream Murdoch Mysteries in Ireland.

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What is the Premise of Murdoch Mysteries?

The Murdoch Mysteries is set in Toronto in 1895. The show follows the life of Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto Constabulary. Murdoch solves crime and investigates cases using novel and unusual techniques in the 1800s.

The three other key characters, Inspector Brackenreid, Doctor Julia Ogden, and Constable George Crabtree, assist Detective Murdoch. Murdoch uses new techniques like fingerprinting, blood testing, surveillance, and trace evidence. 

In several episodes, Murdoch improvises a basic prototype of a technology that would be instantly recognizable to the show’s 21st-century viewers using the technology that existed in his day.

Who is in the Cast of Murdoch Mysteries?

The following is the list of the cast of Murdoch Mysteries:

  • Yannick Bisson as William Murdoch
  • Thomas Craig as Inspector Thomas Brackenreid
  • Hélène Joy as Dr. Julia Ogden
  • Jonny Harris as Constable George Crabtree
  • Georgina Reilly as Dr. Emily Grace
  • Mouna Traoré as Rebecca James
  • Daniel Maslany as Llewellyn Watts
  • Lachlan Murdoch as Henry Higgins
  • Peter Keleghan as Terrence Meyers
  • Arwen Humphreys as Margaret Brackenreid
  • Peter Stebbings as James Pendrick
  • Shanice Banton as Violet Hart
  • Michael Seater as James Gillies
  • Daiva Johnston as Eva Pearce

How to Watch Murdoch Mysteries in Ireland on Mobile Phones

You can stream all seasons of Murdoch Mysteries for free in Ireland on your mobile phones with Amazon Freevee. The service has a compatible app with several streaming devices, including Android and iOS phones. 

However, the app is unavailable on the Google Play Store outside the US due to geo-restrictions. That’s why we recommend downloading the APK version of the app.

Follow the steps below to watch Murdoch Mysteries in Ireland on mobile phones:

Step 1: Download the ExpressVPN app and install it on your device

Step 2: Open the VPN app and connect to the US Server (i.e., NewYork)

watch-murdoch-mysteries-in-ireland-mobile-2 Step 3: Download Amazon Freevee APK


Step 4: Install the app


Step 5: Open the app


Step 6: Register your account with an email or phone number


Step 7: Search for Murdoch Mysteries and choose the episode


Step 8: Enjoy streaming


Try ExpressVPN

Other TV Shows to Watch in Ireland

If you love binge-watching crime TV shows, then we recommend watching the following shows in Ireland:

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The crime miniseries Santa Claus: The Serial Killer is based on actual events where an investigative journalist visits Canada in search of the truth regarding the disappearances of eight gay men from Toronto.

Watch Midsomer Murders in Ireland

Midsomer Murders is a British show that revolves around modern-day England’s fictional and picturesque county, the Midsomer. The county witnesses countless brutal murders throughout the show, investigated by DCI Tom Barnaby.

How to Get Away With Murder in Ireland

How to Get Away with Murder is an American legal drama following a criminal defence attorney, Annalise Keating. She and her most promising five students get entangled in a murder plot.

Watch Sherlock in Ireland

Sherlock Holmes is a character by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who is a British private investigator. Sherlock and his flatmate John Watson solve the crime in England.

Watch Only Murders in the Building in Ireland

The show follows three strangers and neighbours who become close due to their interest in true crime podcasts. Together, they investigate the death in the apartment building they live in on the Upper West Side.

Watch Supernaturals in Ireland

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FAQs – Murdoch Mysteries

Is there a season 17 of the Murdoch Mysteries?

Yes, season 17 of Murdoch Mysteries premiered on 2 October 2023.

Is George Crabtree in season 16 of Murdoch Mysteries?

Yes, John Harris has resumed his role as George Crabtree in season 16 of Murdoch Mysteries. 

Can you watch Murdoch Mysteries with a free VPN in Ireland?

We don’t suggest using a free VPN to watch Murdoch Mysteries on free and premium services. Free VPNs don’t offer enough working servers. They also don’t provide sufficient security to hide user’s activity and data.


Crime TV show fans will love the wits and skills of William Murdoch in Murdoch Mysteries. The TV show follows Murdoch, who uses unconventional ways of investigating crime scenes. 

With a subscription, you can watch Murdoch Mysteries in Ireland on Now TV. You can stream the show for free on CBC Gem and Amazon Freevee. 

Unfortunately, free services are geo-restricted in Ireland due to licensing agreements. You can watch Murdoch Mysteries for free in Ireland with the help of ExpressVPN. The VPN helps bypass the restrictions set on free services.

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