How to Watch Jeopardy (UK) in Ireland for Free [New Season | 2024]

Thursday, July 25, 2024


Jeopardy has been a phenomenon in the game show industry for decades. There also have been several international remakes of the show.

Stephen Fry, a vocal fan of the original game show, hosts Jeopardy (UK). The Jeopardy (UK) will have 22 episodes, each featuring three contestants competing to question the answer to win a huge cash prize.

Jeopardy (UK) started airing on ITV1 on 1st January at 5:45 pm. You can watch Jeopardy (UK) in Ireland on ITVX

Due to the licensing agreements, ITVX is geographically restricted to the UK. But don’t worry. You can unblock ITVX in Ireland with our recommended VPN, ExpressVPN.

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How to Watch Jeopardy (UK) in Ireland for Free

ITVX is a freemium streaming service by ITV where you can stream thousands of on-demand content. The new episodes of Jeopardy UK are available to stream live on ITV1, or you can stream them on ITVX online

The streaming service is compatible with several devices, including Android phones, Apple TV, iPhone, Roku, Fire TV, etc. You can upgrade to the premium ITVX for £5.99/month to enjoy Britbox content.

Unfortunately, ITVX is only available in the United Kingdom. Use a VPN to access ITVX in Ireland.

Follow the steps below to watch Jeopardy (UK) in Ireland:

Step 1: Subscribe to a safe VPN service (ExpressVPN is our recommended choice)

Step 2: Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device.

Step 3: Open the app and connect to the UK Server (i.e., Docklands)

watch-jeopardy-uk-in-ireland-3 Step 4: Go to the ITVX website and click the search icon


Step 5: Search for Jeopardy (UK) and select the show


Step 6: Now, choose the episode


Step 7: ITVX will ask you to log in before streaming. Enter your account details or create an account by clicking on Register Now


Step 8: Enter your email and password and click continue


Step 9: Enter your Name


Step 10: Enter your birth date


Step 11: Enter your postcode, e.g., WC2N 5DU


Step 12: Verify your email


Step 13: Continue watching the show for free


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What is the UK Reboot of Jeopardy About?

The new British reboot of the popular game show Jeopardy follows a similar format to the American version. Three contestants compete with each other to correctly phrase the answer as a question.

The contestants are given trivial clues in the form of an answer and must reply in the form of a question that identifies the clue. 

If they fail to answer correctly, they would lose money, and a correct answer would be rewarded points and a cash prize. 

The game show has three rounds: Jeopardy!, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy. The winner will compete again in the next episode until they are defeated or crowned the ultimate winner in the last one.

How to Watch Jeopardy (UK) in Ireland on Mobile Phones

ITVX offers its official app for several streaming devices, including Android phones. However, the official Android app is only available on the Google Play Store in the UK due to geo-restrictions.

You can get the APK version of the app in Ireland by downloading the file from your phone browser.

Follow the steps below to watch Jeopardy (UK) in Ireland on mobile:

Step 1: Open your ExpressVPN app and connect to the UK (e.g., Docklands) server

watch-jeopardy-uk-in-ireland-mobile-1 Step 2: Search and Download ITVX APK 


Step 3: Once downloaded, click on the link and select Install


Step 4: Once the installation process has been completed, click Open


Step 5: Click on Accept All or Manage settings


Step 6: Allow ITVX to access your location


Step 7: Register for your ITVX account or log in


Step 8: Enter your login details


Step 9: Search for Jeopardy (UK) 


Step 10: Choose the episode you want to watch


Step 11: Enjoy streaming


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Other Game Shows to Watch in Ireland

If you love watching game shows, then I have some great recommendations for you.

Watch Jeopardy (US) in Ireland

Jeopardy is the most famous and longest-running American game show. It has the same format as its British counterpart. Contestants are given general knowledge clues as questions and must answer in the form of a question.

Watch The Chase in Ireland

The Chase is a British quiz show where professional quizzers, the chasers, compete against the contestants to prevent them from winning the prize.

Watch Celebrity Family Feud in Ireland

The game show hosted by Steve Harvey is a reboot of the classic game show Family Feud. Celebrities lead the two participant teams, and they have to answer the most popular responses to survey questions.

Watch Let’s Make a Deal in Ireland

In the popular game show by Wayne Brady, the audience dressed in hilarious costumes plays as traders to trade the prize or money for a mysterious box.

Watch Celebrity Wheel of Fortune in Ireland

It is a remake of Wheel of Fortune involving celebrities as contestants. Contestants spin the Wheel to win cash rewards that are donated to charity.

Watch Name That Tune in Ireland

It is a famous American singing game show where two contestants compete against each other to test their music knowledge. The new version invites celebrities as contestants.

FAQs – Jeopardy (UK)

Are there other versions of Jeopardy?

Jeopardy! is one of the most popular game shows worldwide. Due to its immense success, several show versions have been created in the UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Japan, China, Turkey, etc.

Can you watch Jeopardy (UK) on Amazon Prime?

No, Jeopardy (UK) is currently only available on ITVX.

How much each answer is worth on Jeopardy (UK)?

Jeopardy (UK) contestants get a £25 to £150 reward for each answer, depending on the difficulty of the question. 


Stephan Fry brings back nostalgic memories to UK Jeopardy fans with the modernized reboot of the popular game show. 

The show started airing on ITV1 as a New Year gift on January 1, 2024. You can watch Jeopardy (UK) in Ireland on ITVX by creating a free account.

However, the streaming service is geo-restricted and only available in the United Kingdom. A reliable VPN is the only way to access the service outside the UK. We recommend ExpressVPN.

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