How to Watch The Bay in Ireland for Free [2024]

Tuesday, May 28, 2024


The Bay is a thriller TV Series that has released its fourth season and has been rumored to be renewed for its fifth due to its cult following. Season 4 was released on 8 March 2023, exclusively on ITVX in the United Kingdom.

You can watch The Bay in Ireland and other regions on ITVX (Free) and BritBox (Premium), but these services are only available in the UK

To unblock these services from Ireland, you will need to use a VPN and connect to the UK server. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice.

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How to Watch The Bay in Ireland

The best way to enjoy The Bay in Ireland is on ITVX because The Bay is an ITVX Original show, and the service has all the episodes available for free.

However, you would need to create a free account and use a VPN before streaming. Follow these steps to watch The Bay in Ireland:

Step 1: Subscribe to a reliable VPN service (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Download and Install the ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 3: Open the VPN app and connect to the UK Server (i.e., London)


Step 4: Go to the ITVX website and click on the search icon


Step 5: Search for The Bay


Step 6: Now, choose the episode


Step 7: ITVX will ask you to log in before streaming. Enter your account details or create an account by clicking on Register Now


Step 8: Enter your email and password and click continue


Step 9: Enter your Name


Step 10: Enter your birth date


Step 11: Enter your postcode


Step 12: Verify your email


Step 13: Click on Watch Now


Step 14: Continue watching the show for free


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2 Ways to Watch The Bay in Ireland

The fourth season of The Bay received tremendous applause in the UK and internationally. The fourth season has a total of 6 episodes.

You can watch all the show episodes using the free or premium method we discussed in our guide. 

The following are two easy ways to stream The Bay in Ireland:

1. ITVX (Free)


The Bay is an ITVX Original program that debuted in March 2019. The show’s fourth season was released on ITV1 on 8th March 2023. The last episode of the season will air on ITV1 on 12 April. However, you can stream all the episodes on ITVX for free.

If you want to download The Bay to enjoy later, you can upgrade your free plan for £5.99/month. The only issue with streaming ITVX is that it is a geo-restricted service only available in the UK.

You will need VPN such as ExpressVPN to unblock the service in Ireland by connecting to a UK server.

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2. BritBox (Premium)


The Bay is available on BritBox, a joint venture between BBC Studios and ITVX, in the UK, the US, and Canada. The subscription-based streaming service costs £5.99 per month.

You can also get a BritBox subscription, If you have a streaming services subscription, such as SlingTV, AppleTV, or BritBox Amazon. However, there will be a streaming issue if you are in Ireland and attempt to use a BritBox membership to watch The Bay. 

This is a result of licensing and content copywriting. To solve this issue, a VPN like ExpressVPN is the best option.

What is the Plot of The Bay?

The Bay Season 4 revolves around the murder of Beth Metcalf. As DS Jenn Townsend and DI Tony Manning investigate the targeted murder of a young mother and help her grieving husband take care of four children, a series of secrets unfold.

You can watch the thrilling crime investigation drama on ITV1 at 9 pm from Wednesday, 8 March to Wednesday, 12 April. You can also watch all episodes online on ITVX for free.

Who are in the Cast of “The Bay”?

The following is the list of the show’s cast:

  1. Morven Christie as DS/DC Lisa Armstrong
  2. Simon Manyonda as DS Alexander Stewart
  3. Andrew Dowbiggin as DS James Clarke
  4. Daniel Ryan as DI Anthony ‘Tony’ Manning
  5. Lindsey Coulson as Penny Armstrong
  6. Georgina Scholes as Erin Fischer
  7. David Carpenter as Conor Townsend
  8. Emme Hayes as Maddie Townsend
  9. Marsha Thomason as DS Jenn Townsend
  10. Arian Nik as Theo Anvari
  11. Taheen Modak as DC/DS Ahmed ‘Med’ Kharim
  12. Sian Breckin as Madeline Hookway
  13. Erin Shanagher as Sgt./DS Karen Hobson
  14. Adam Hussain as Josh Nubhai
  15. Kerrie Taylor as Ellen Manning
  16. Thomas Law as DC Eddie Martin
  17. Wendy Kweh as Lyn Chee
  18. Barry Sloane as Chris Fischer

How to Watch The Bay in Ireland on Smartphones

Downloading the ITVX app on your Android phone is the best option for enjoying British shows and movies on the go.

However, due to geo-restrictions, you cannot download the official app from Google PlayStore in Ireland. We suggest downloading the APK version of the app from the browser.

Follow the steps below to watch The Bay in Ireland on APK:

Step 1: Open your ExpressVPN app and connect to the UK (e.g., Docklands) server


Step 2: Download the ITVX APK


Step 3: Once downloaded, click on the link and select Install


Step 4: Once the installation process has been completed, click Open


Step 5: Click on Accept All


Step 6: Allow ITVX to access your location


Step 7: Register for your ITVX account or log in


Step 8: Enter your login details


Step 9: Set up your Profile by entering your name


Step 10: Enter your birthdate


Step 11: Enter your Postcode to see the full range of shows 


Step 12: From the home page, search for The Bay


Step 13: Select The Bay’s latest season and click on Play


Step 14: Enjoy streaming


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Other TV Shows to Watch in Ireland

The following are some of the best shows that you can binge-watch in Ireland:

Watch Game of Thrones in Ireland

Set in the fictional world of Westeros, Game of Thrones is a story of a power struggle between the ruling families. In a world where Dragons, Shadiwcats, and Unicorns are common, you must be cunning to sit on the Throne.

Watch The Chernobyl in Ireland

Chernobyl is a Historical Drama series that revolves around the events that took place in Chernobyl, a Russian nuclear power plant, and the cleanup that followed the destruction of the plant.

Watch Bad Education: Reunion in Ireland

The British Sitcom is about a teacher who is a bigger kid than his students. The teacher’s primary goal is to go on a date with the school’s biology teacher. The show highlights some of the teenagers’ most prominent problems in high school.

Watch Two Doors Down in Ireland

The Comical sitcom is an excellent take on a nosy yet helpful relationship between a bunch of neighbors whose lives are forever interwound due to circumstances.

Watch Great Expectations in Ireland

Based on the Novel of the same name by Charles Dickens, Great Expectations follows the story of Pip, an orphan who wants to do great things until Miss Havisham shows him a dark world full of possibilities.

You can watch other TV shows in Ireland as well. These include Wild Isles, Strike: Troubled Blood, The Suspect, Waterloo Road, etc.

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FAQs – The Bay

How many episodes does The Bay Season 4 have?

The Bay is an ITVX original show with four seasons. Season 4 of the show has six episodes.

How can you watch The Bay for free in Ireland?

You can watch The Bay for free on ITVX in Ireland. However, you will need a VPN to watch the show.

Why do you need a VPN to watch The Bay?

A VPN is necessary because ITVX is a geo-restricted service only available in the United Kingdom due to licensing restrictions. VPNs, such as ExpressVPN, can unblock the geo-restricted service.

What are the IMDb and Google ratings of The Bay?

The IMDb rating of the show is 7.1/10, and 78 Google users like the show.


The Bay is one of the best crime dramas on ITVX, with 7+ IMDb ratings. Season 4 of the show was released on 8 March 2023. You can watch all the episodes of the previous and the latest season of the show on ITVX.

Fans can enjoy the show on free and premium services mentioned in the guide. We recommend watching the show on ITVX, a top British streaming service available in the United Kingdom. 

However, you can watch The Bay in Ireland on ITVX using a VPN such as ExpressVPN.

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