How to Watch The Traitors UK in Ireland for Free [Season 2]

Wednesday, May 29, 2024


The nail-biting Reality TV show, The Traitors, inspired by the Dutch series De Verraders, continues to captivate audiences with its enigmatic twists and complex gameplay.

This acclaimed reality TV show pits 22 contestants against each other for a chance to win £120k.

Participants are secretly divided into two groups: The Traitors and the Faithfuls, with their roles concealed to heighten the suspense.

The upcoming season 2 will be premiered on January 3, 2024. You can watch The Traitor season 2 in Ireland via the UK-based free streaming service BBC IPlayer with the help of a VPN.

However, to access BBC iPlayer in Ireland, you will need to connect to the UK Server of a VPN. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice.

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How to Watch Traitors UK in Ireland for Free

BBC is once again all set to release another season of the successful reality TV show of the psychological thriller genre, The Traitor UK on BBC One & BBC iPlayer.

You can stream all episodes of season 2 Traitors UK for free on BBC iPlayer’s website online or download BBC iPlayer videos to enjoy later.

Follow the steps below to watch The Traitors UK in Ireland for free via BBC IPlayer:

Step 1: Subscribe to a safe VPN service (We recommend ExpressVPN).

Step 2: Download and Install the ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 3: Connect to the UK Server (i.e., Dockland)


Step 4: Open your web browser go to the BBC iPlayer website and click on Sign In.


Step 5: Sign into your account if you already have one, or click on Register


Step 6: Select whether you’re under 16 or over 16


Step 7: Enter your birthdate


Step 8: Enter your email address and postcode


Step 9: Verify your account


Step 10: Click on Continue


Step 11: Click on search to find Traitors


Step 12: Select the episode to stream


Step 13: Click on the play button and enjoy streaming for free!


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How to You Watch The Traitors UK in Ireland on Mobile Phone

BBC iPlayer offers an official app for mobile phones. However, due to the geo-restrictions, it might not be possible to download the app in Ireland from Google PlayStore/App Store.

Therefore, we recommend downloading the BBC iPlayer APK version and installing it on your device.

Follow the steps below to watch Traitors UK in Ireland on mobile phones through the APK method:

Step 1: Subscribe to any reliable VPN i.e. ExpressVPN

Step 2: Connect to a UK server (Recommended Server: Dockland).


Step 3: Download the BBC iPlayer APK


Step 4: After the file has been downloaded, click Install


Step 5: Once the installation process has finished, click Open to proceed


Step 6: Sign in to your account if you already have one


Step 7: Enter your Email address and password


Step 8: Once you are on the home page, search for Traitors


Step 9: Choose an episode and click on Watch Now


Step 10: Stream and enjoy!


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Traitors UK All Episodes Release Time and Date!

The Traitors UK season 2 will premier on January 3 at 9 pm (GMT)on BBC One and iPlayer, with episodes 2 and 3 immediately accessible on iPlayer post-premiere.

Catch new episodes every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Here is a schedule of all Episodes of Traitors UK in the Irish Timezone (GMT) and date.

  • Episode 1: 9 pm, Wednesday, January 3
  • Episode 2: 9 pm, Thursday, January 4
  • Episode 3: 9 pm, Friday, January 5
  • Episode 4: 9 pm, Wednesday, January 10
  • Episode 5: 9 pm, Thursday, January 11
  • Episode 6: 9 pm, Friday, January 12
  • Episode 7: 9 pm, Wednesday, January 17
  • Episode 8: 9 pm, Thursday, January 18
  • Episode 9: 9 pm, Friday, January 19
  • Episode 10: 9 pm, Wednesday, January 24
  • Episode 11: 9 pm, Thursday, January 25
  • Episode 12: 9 pm, Friday, January 26

What is The Traitors UK Season 2 All About?

Genre: Reality TV Show, Game Show.

Premier Date & Time: Wednesday, January 3 (UK) at 9 pm (GMT).

No of Episodes: 12 Episodes

“The Traitors UK” returns for a thrilling Season 2! Hosted by Claudia Winkleman in the mysterious Ardross Castle, Scottish Highlands.

This psychological game show pits 22 contestants against each other in a high-stakes game of strategy, suspicion, and survival.

Divided into Faithful and Traitors, players must outwit and outlast each other to claim the £120,000 prize money. As the Traitors covertly ‘murder’ the Faithful, and the Faithful strive to expose them,

Every episode of the 12-part series is an intense battle of wits and trust. Who will deceive, who will deduce, and who will ultimately take the prize? Tune in to find out!

Meet The Contestants of The Traitor UK Season 2 and Know their Game Plan!


The following are the 22 participants who will be competing in The Traitors UK season 2. Let’s know about them and their strategies!

1. Andrew, 45, Insurance Broker from Talbot Green

Andrew plans on bringing a flexible strategy to “The Traitors UK,” ready to adapt quickly based on my security background and the game’s twists

2. Anthony, 45, a Chess Coach from Birmingham

Anthony is planning to enter “The Traitors UK” with a reactive game plan, ready to adapt and strategically align with others while staying alert from the moment I wake.

3. Ash, 45, Events Coordinator from London

Ash believes that adopting the role of an honest Traitor, strategically using truth in her lies, might be her best strategy for success in “The Traitors UK”—staying true to her nature is seen as key to advancing.

4. Aubrey, 67, Retired Shop Owner from Loughborough

His strategy is to win over everyone with friendliness, understanding the importance of likability in navigating the inevitable obstacles of “The Traitors UK.”

5. Brian, 33, Photographer from Glasgow

Brian plans to spontaneously navigate “The Traitors UK,” adapting on the fly without a set strategy, while cleverly dissecting others’ plans and jotting down key notes to maintain his edge.

6. Charlie, 34, Mental Health Area Manager from Bristol

Charlie plans to befriend everyone and use his alert, adaptable nature from his close protection security background to navigate and strategize as the game evolves.

7. Charlotte, 32, Recruitment Manager from Warwickshire

Charlotte aims to leverage her observational skills and recruiting expertise to stay under the radar and cleverly analyze others’ strategies, adapting her game plan as needed.

8. Diane, 63, Retired Teacher from Lancashire

Diane plans to utilize her physical activity and motivating spirit to tackle missions while maintaining a distance and using her teaching experience to navigate the game.

9. Evie, 29, Veterinary Nurse from Inverness

Evie intends to use her fun, energetic personality, and experience as a veterinary nurse to excel in missions, embracing the role of a Traitor if needed for the adrenaline rush

10. Harry, 22, British Army Engineer from Slough

Harry’s strategy involves leveraging his no-fear attitude and engineering skills to excel in missions and adopt an honest, straightforward approach as a Faithful.

11. Jasmine, 26, Sales Executive from London

Jasmine plans to use her sales skills and personability to befriend and subtly manipulate others, aiming to stay flexible and truthful to her personality.

12. Jaz, 30, National Account Manager from Manchester

Jaz intends to bring pure energy and a once-in-a-lifetime attitude to the game, focusing on physical missions and embracing the role of a Traitor with enthusiasm.

13. Jonny, 31, Ex-Military from Bedfordshire

Jonny’s game plan is to leverage his military background and quick thinking to adapt on the fly, aiming to be an enthusiastic and motivating presence.

14. Kyra, 21, Apprentice Economist from Kent

Kyra plans to use her physical fitness and adventurous spirit to excel in missions and leverage her youthful innocence as a strategic advantage, adapting her plan based on her role.

15. Meg, 22, Illustrator from Herefordshire

Meg aims to rely on her competitive nature and willingness to take on any challenge, planning to wing it and react spontaneously to the unfolding game.

16. Miles, 36, Veterinary Nurse from Birmingham

Miles plans to use his veterinary knowledge and strategic thinking to excel in missions and navigate the game, willing to go all out whether as a Traitor or Faithful.

17. Mollie, 21, Disability Model from Bristol

Mollie intends to build close relationships quickly, leveraging her youth and outspoken nature to catch others off guard and adapt her strategy based on her assigned role.

18. Paul, 36, A Business Manager from Manchester

Paul aims to use his social awareness and networking skills to build alliances and subtly manipulate the game, staying adaptable and ready to throw people under the bus as a Traitor.

19. Ross, 28, Video Director from Lancashire

Ross plans to bring liveliness and a relaxed attitude to the game, aiming to befriend everyone while hiding his true intentions and leveraging his good reading of people.

20. Sonja, 66, Volunteer Business Mentor from Lancashire

Sonja’s strategy is to use her experiences and negotiation skills to knit her way to the finals, aiming to be thoughtful, and devious, and maintain a strong presence.

21. Tracey, 58, Sonographer and Clairvoyant from Inverness

Tracey plans to use her sonography and clairvoyant skills to read people accurately, intending to stay genuine and enjoy the game while trusting her instincts.

22. Zack, 27, Parliamentary Affairs Advisor from London

Zack aims to utilize his career skills to read people and form close friendships, staying charismatic and adaptable whether as a Traitor or Faithful, with a focus on winning as a Faithful.

Who is Hosting The Traitor UK Season 2?


Claudia Winkleman, one of the highest-paid female hosts on BBC, with her iconic style and quick wit, returns as the enigmatic host of The Traitors UK Season 2.

Known for her wit and warmth, Claudia masterfully guides contestants through the psychological maze, making each episode a must-watch.

Her charismatic presence is a highlight of the show, ensuring an engaging experience for viewers.

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FAQs – The Traitor

1. How many episodes are there of Traitors UK season 2?

The second season of The Traitors UK will feature 12 episodes. All episodes can be watched on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

2. What is the Traitor UK IMDb rating?

The IMDb rating of Traitor is 8.8/10.

3. Where is Traitor UK Season 2 filmed?

The Traitors Season 2 is filmed at Ardross Castle in the Scottish Highlands.


BBC’s popular reality TV show, The Traitors UK is all set to premiere on January 3, 2024, consisting of 12 episodes.

The show will feature 22 contestants in a captivating contest of tactics, distrust, & endurance.

You can watch The Traitor UK in Ireland for free on BBC iPlayer. However, a VPN is necessary to unblock iPlayer by passing over the geo-restrictions. ExpressVPN.

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