How to Watch TV5 Monde in Ireland Without Cable [Easy Steps | 2024]

Saturday, June 22, 2024


TV5 Monde is a free French cable network that offers a range of content including French movies, programs, worldwide news, original series, and documentaries.

It also has a paid version that allows you to access the content without ads. This network is accessible through streaming services like YouTube TV, SlingTV, DirecTV, FuboTV, and Hulu Live TV.

However, these services are geo-restricted to the United States, making them inaccessible in Ireland. You can watch TV5 Monde in Ireland with a VPN. If you try to access the services without a VPN, it typically results in an error message stating:

“File Not Found”


However, we were able to access TV5 Monde in Ireland using a trusted VPN like ExpressVPN. This VPN efficiently unblocks geo-restricted channels and services while ensuring your online identity remains protected.

Our Recommended VPN – ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is our recommended choice for streaming any geo-restricted services that are unavailable in Ireland OR it is used to stay anonymous over the internet for watching anything for free as it hides your streaming activity from the ISPs.

Subscribe to ExpressVPN today and enjoy 3 extra months for free. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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How Can I Watch TV5 Monde in Ireland 

There are several streaming services to watch TV5 Monde in Ireland. TV5 Monde’s official free website is a recommended way to stream the channel in Ireland. However, you must subscribe to a premium VPN to bypass geo-restrictions.

Follow these steps to watch TV5 Monde in Ireland:

Step 1: Subscribe to a safe VPN service like (ExpressVPN).

Step 2: Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device.

Step 3: Open the app and connect to the French server (i.e., Paris)


Step 4: Visit the TV5 Monde website and click on TV


Step 5: Click on Live TV


Step 6: Start watching!


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3 Best VPNs to Unblock TV5 Monde in Ireland

We tested over 35 VPN services so you can bypass these restrictions and enjoy the diverse range of programming TV5 Monde offers. The three best VPNs that we shortlisted:

  1. ExpressVPN 
  2. Surfshark
  3. NordVPN

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is our most recommended VPN to watch TV5 Monde outside the US. It offers 3000+ servers in 94 countries. It has servers in 4 French cities (i.e., Paris, Marseille, Alsace, and Strasbourg).

ExpressVPN protects your actual IP address with 256-bit AES encryption and full forward secrecy. It also guards against DNS leaks, and the extra kill button lets you terminate all data transmissions if your network is unavailable.

ExpressVPN offers apps and extensions for several devices, so you can easily watch TV5 Monde on your preferred streaming device. You can subscribe to ExpressVPN for €6.42/month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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2. Surfshark

Surfshark is another recommended VPN for watching TV5 Monde. It has over 3,200 servers across the globe. It has French servers in Paris, Marseille, and Bordeaux.

The features of this VPN include 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, IPv6 leak protection, and DNS for data security.

Surfshark offers a duplicate masking technology to protect your online anonymity from DNS leaks. The VPN provides Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Firestick, and other apps.

The subscription cost for the surfshark is €2.49/month, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It allows unlimited simultaneous connections.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the top recommended VPNs for unblocking geo-restricted streaming services. It has 5,000 servers in over 60 countries, including 250 servers in different cities in France. 

It offers hidden servers for countries with poor internet access and those designed for peer-to-peer file sharing. A strict no-logs policy, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, 256-bit AES encryption, and 24/7 live chat support are all features of NordVPN. 

NordVPN is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, and various other systems and devices. NordVPN subscription costs €3.19/month and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to Watch TV5 Monde in Ireland on Android Phones

To watch TV5 Monde ad-free, stream through a live TV streaming service like FuboTV. Due to geo-restrictions, FuboTV might not be accessible on the Play Store outside the US. You can download FuboTV on your Android phone via APK.

To stream TV5 Monde on your Android phone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN app and connect to the US server (i.e., New Jersey)


Step 2: Download the FuboTV APK on your Android device


Step 3: Click on Install to install the app. Once installed, click on Open.


Step 4: Click on Start your free trial


Step 5: Click Next


Step 6: Create your account using your email, password, and Zip Code (e.g., 07712)


Step 7: Click on Next


Step 8: Choose your payment plan (e.g., Pro Plan) and click continue


Step 9: Confirm your payment plan (e.g., monthly or quarterly)


Step 10: Click on Next


Step 11: Enter your payment info or add a coupon code to start your free trial


Step 12: Select TV5 Monde from the channel list


Step 13: Enjoy live streaming!

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Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch TV5 Monde in Ireland?

As mentioned, TV5 Monde is a geo-restricted channel outside France. The restrictions are set due to licensing agreements and content ownership that prevent TV5 Monde from streaming its content in other regions.

However, with the help of a reliable VPN, you can access TV5 Monde in Ireland. Connect to a French server with a VPN, your internet traffic will be rerouted through that virtual server, replacing your Irish IP address with a French one.

This French IP address deceives TV5 Monde’s official website and other streaming services into believing you’re accessing from the licensed region, granting you access. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice

What Can I Watch on TV5 Monde in Ireland?


Following are some recommendations for you to watch on TV5 Monde:

  • The Smurfs
  • Lie with Me
  • Spies!
  • Year of the Jellyfish
  • Apocalypse: The Second World War
  • The Professional
  • Purple Noon
  • Les petits meurtres d’Agatha Christie
  • Cesar & Rosalie 
  • Last Year at Marienbad 

Other Channels/Services to Watch in Ireland

Here are some other channels to watch in Ireland:

FAQs – TV5 Monde

On which platforms can I watch TV5 Monde?

Many major cable, satellite, and streaming providers, including Mediacom, Atlantic Broadband, Charter Spectrum, Altice USA’s Optimum TV, Cox, Comcast Xfinity, Sling, and FuboTV offer TV5 Monde.

What channels are available on TV5 Monde’s official website?

TV5MONDE Asie and TV5MONDE Pacifique are the two live TV channels available on the TV5 Monde service.

Is TV5 MONDE’s official website free?

TV5MONDEplus is a free entertainment French video-on-demand platform subtitled in 6 languages (French, English, Spanish, Romanian, German, and Arabic). To watch the content without ads, subscribe to its premium plan.


If you love to watch French shows, movies, news, and documentaries, TV5 Monde is the right channel for you. You can binge-watch a variety of content on its official website.

You can watch TV5 Monde in Ireland with a VPN for free on its website. To watch the content without ads, choose from live TV streaming services like SlingTV, Hulu+Live TV and FuboTV to stream the channels.

However, the channel’s official website and mentioned streaming platforms are geo-restricted and inaccessible in Ireland. We recommend reliable VPN services to access TV5 Monde in Ireland, like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark.

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