How to Get NBA League Pass in Ireland [Step by Step Guide | 2023]

Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Are you looking for ways to stream NBA games outside the US? NBA League Pass has you covered internationally. It’s a global subscription-based service for streaming live and on-demand NBA games.

You can stream all NBA games through League Pass in Ireland. However, in the US and Canada, it offers only 40 out-of-market games weekly, with the rest airing on ESPN, ABC, TNT, and similar channels.

NBA League Pass’s subscription plans vary by region. In Ireland, you can choose from monthly or seasonal subscription options.

How to Get NBA League Pass in Ireland

NBA League Pass is officially available in Ireland. You only need to subscribe to your preferred plan to watch NBA League Pass in Ireland. You can subscribe using your Debit Card, Credit Card, or PayPal.

Follow the steps below to get NBA League Pass in Ireland:

Step 1: Go to the NBA website and select League Pass

get-nba-league-pass-in-ireland-1 Step 2: Select your preferred subscription plan


Step 3: Sign in with your NBA ID or select Don’t Have an NBA ID? to create your account


Step 4: Enter your credentials


Step 5: Add your payment info and subscribe to enjoy streaming


NBA League Pass Pricing Plans


NBA League Pass offers two subscription plans that are available on a monthly and seasonal basis. An additional plan is available for fans who only follow one team. However, the prices vary depending on your region.

Have a look at the NBA League Pass pricing plans:

NBA Team Pass

The pass only offers a season-basis subscription for €99.99/season

League Pass

The Basic plan offers the following features:

  • Monthly price €17.99/month
  • Season price €109.99/season
  • Streams condensed games
  • Customized angles, broadcast, and stats
  • 24/7 NBA TV
  • 7-day free trial

League Pass Premium

The plan offers the following features:

  • Monthly price €23.99/month
  • Season price €159.99/season
  • 3 simultaneous streams
  • Streams condensed games
  • Customized angles, broadcast, and stats
  • 24/7 NBA TV
  • 7-day free trial

How to Watch NBA with NBA League Pass on Mobile Phones

NBA League Pass offers Android and iOS mobile apps that you can get from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Once you have created your account, you can stream NBA by signing in to your app.

Follow the steps below to watch NBA with NBA League Pass on Mobile Phones:

Step 1: Download NBA League Pass app from your Google Play Store

watch-nba-league-pass-in-ireland-mobile-1 Step 2: Open the app


Step 3: Click I Accept


Step 4: Select Sign in


Step 5: Enter your email address and password


Step 6: Choose your favourite team and click Next


Step 7: Follow your favourite players and click Next


Step 8: Enable Notifications if you want


Step 9: Choose Watch


Step 10: Select the live game when available or choose highlight or any other content


Step 11: Enjoy streaming


Features of NBA League Pass

The following are the features offered by NBA League Pass:

  • Ad-Free Live Games: You can stream the games live without any interruption from commercial breaks
  • Simultaneous Streaming: NBA League Pass offers simultaneous live streaming on three devices to enjoy live games, highlights, and analysis.
  • In-Arena Experience: Couldn’t make it to the stadium? Don’t worry. You can enjoy an in-arena experience with halftime shows, kiss cams, half-court shots, etc.
  • Multiview: If you feel torn as two of your favourite teams are playing simultaneously, you can choose Multiview to watch two or more games on one screen.
  • Archived Games: You can visit NBA League Pass’s archive to enjoy past games of your favourite teams.

Other Ways to Watch NBA in Ireland

You can watch the NBA on the following services and channels:

FAQs – NBA League Pass

Is NBA League Pass available internationally?

The League Pass is available internationally, including Canada and the US. However, not all games are available in the US and Canada due to NBA blackouts.

Can you get an NBA League Pass for free?

No, NBA Game Pass is a subscription-based service. You must subscribe to the service to enjoy it. However, you can enjoy the 7-day free trial before you commit full-time.

Does NBA League Pass work with a free VPN?

No, free VPNs do not support NBA League Pass, as the service can detect VPNs. This happens because free VPNs do not have enough working servers or adequate security measures. 


The NBA 2023/24 season is in full swing and fans worldwide are looking for a reliable way to stream the game. NBA League Pass is a global subscription-based streaming service to watch live NBA games, on-demand past games, highlights, and analysis.

The service is available internationally, including in Ireland. You can get NBA League Pass in Ireland with a monthly or season-based subscription. It offers apps for  Android and iOS.


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