How to Watch Bad Chefs in Ireland for Free [Easy Steps | 2024]

Saturday, June 22, 2024


If you have seen too many good chefs showcasing their culinary skills, have a look at the Bad Chefs now. The cooking show is a recipe for disaster, with blunders in the kitchen.

In the show, ten takeout-addicted contestants enroll in the Bad Chefs Cooking School to overcome their delivery app addiction and learn to cook their food. The cooking show is hosted by YouTube celebrity, Chunkz, and several guests appear as judges.

You can watch Bad Chefs in Ireland on ITVX and TVNZ+ with the help of a VPN. A VPN (i.e., ExpressVPN) is a must because both services are geo-restricted and unavailable outside their broadcasting regions. 

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How to Watch Bad Chefs in Ireland for Free

ITVX is one of the UK’s popular online streaming platforms where you can stream Bad Chefs and other famous British reality shows for free. However, to download ITVX videos in Ireland, you must upgrade your free plan to premium.

Follow the steps below to watch Bad Chefs in Ireland:

Step 1: Subscribe to a reliable VPN service (We recommend ExpressVPN).

Step 2: Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device.

Step 3: Open the app and connect to a UK Server (i.e., London)


Step 4: Go to the ITVX website and click the search icon


Step 5: Search for Bad Chefs


Step 6: Now, choose the episode


Step 7: ITVX will ask you to log in before streaming. Enter your account details or create an account by clicking on Register Now


Step 8: Enter your email and password and click continue


Step 9: Enter your Name


Step 10: Enter your birth date


Step 11: Enter your postcode


Step 12: Verify your email


Step 13: Click on Watch Now


Step 14: Continue watching the show for free


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2 Free Ways to Watch Bad Chefs in Ireland

The following are the free ways to watch Bad Chefs in Ireland. These services are free but require registration to stream the show.



ITVX is our recommended service for watching Bad Chefs as it is an ITV Original show. ITVX is a freemium streaming service where you can watch many movies, shows, reality shows, etc.

ITVX offers much more than free content. You can subscribe to ITVX for £5.99/month to enjoy premium shows and movies, such as Four Lives, Doc Martin and Gotham. 

However, due to geo-restrictions, you must use a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, to access ITVX and stream the best ITVX movies in Ireland

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2. TVNZ+


TVNZ+ is another free streaming service where you can watch Bad Chefs. TVNZ+ is streaming by TVNZ and is only available in New Zealand, so if you want to access it in Ireland, you must connect to ExpressVPN New Zealand server

To watch Bad Chefs on TVNZ+, you only need to create a free account on the website. The official app of TVNZ+ is available for Apple TVs, Android Phones, iPhones, Playstation, Xbox, Android TVs, Google Chromecast, etc.

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What is the Bad Chefs About?

Bad Chefs is the most chaotic show ever. The show includes contestants who are so lazy they don’t even know how to boil an egg and survive only on takeouts. The Bad Chefs is one of its kind reality show hosted by YouTube sensation, Chunkz.

The show features ten self-proclaimed takeout addicts enrolled in Bad Chefs Cooking School to learn how to cook. The contestants must learn quickly to overcome everyday difficulties and stay in the competition while being watched in dread by the guest chefs and host Chunkz.

The concern is whether the addicts will learn to cook or give in to takeaway cravings. Amidst disastrous kitchen mishaps, one chef learns how to cook their food to ditch the delivery app and be crowned the winner.

How to Watch Bad Chefs in Ireland on Smartphones

We suggest installing the ITVX app on your smartphone if you want to watch Bad Chefs on the go. Due to geo-restrictions, you can only download the official app from the Play Store in the UK.

To get ITVX on Android phones in Ireland, we advise downloading the APK file for ITVX. Follow the steps below to watch Bad Chefs on a smartphone in Ireland:

Step 1: Open your ExpressVPN app and connect to a UK server (e.g., Docklands)


Step 2: Search and Download ITVX APK 


Step 3: Once downloaded, click on the link and select Install


Step 4: Once the installation process has been completed, click Open


Step 5: Click on Accept All or Manage settings


Step 6: Allow ITVX to access your location


Step 7: Register for your ITVX account or log in


Step 8: Enter your login details


Step 9: Set up your Profile by entering your name


Step 10: Enter your birthdate


Step 11: Enter your Postcode to see the full range of shows and you’ll return to homepage


Step 12: On the home page, search for Bad Chefs


Step 13: Choose an episode and click on Play


Step 14: Enjoy streaming


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Other Cooking TV Shows to Watch in Ireland

If you love streaming cooking TV shows, then you can watch the following TV shows in Ireland:

Watch Great British Menu in Ireland

The Great British Menu is a cooking competition where Britain’s top chefs compete against each other to win a chance to cook one course at a 4-course banquet of prestigious events.

Watch MasterChef US in Ireland

MasterChef US is a cooking competition and reality television show where Michelin-starred judges and chefs rate the participants on their culinary skills and expertise.

Watch Young MasterChef in Ireland

The reality show is from the MasterChef franchise, where youngsters age 18 – 25 battle in a series of cooking challenges to determine who’s taking the trophy home.  

Watch the British Bake Off in Ireland

British Bake Off is a Cooking competition show where contestants, including several celebrities, showcase their baking skills to win prizes. 

Also, you can stream The Bay, Atlantis, Grace, The Syndicate, Ridley, Obi-Wan Kenobi and many more thrilling series online.

FAQs – Bad Chefs

Will there be a next season of Bad Chefs?

According to the news, there will be no new season of Bad Chefs.

When was the last episode of Bad Chef aired?

The last episode of the show aired on September 30, 2022.

Can you watch Bad Chefs without VPN in Ireland?

Bad Chefs is available on ITVX and TVNZ+, officially unavailable in Ireland. Therefore, you will need a VPN like ExpressVPN to watch Bad Chefs in Ireland.


Bad Chefs is on a different spectrum than popular cooking shows such as MasterChef. As the name suggests, Bad Chefs is all about people who don’t know a thing about cooking and struggle due to their lack of skill and knowledge.

You can watch Bad Chefs in Ireland on ITVX and TVNZ+ using ExpressVPN. A VPN is essential because the services are geo-restricted in Ireland due to international licensing laws. ExpressVPN is fast and reliable and lets you stream safely.

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