How to Watch The Syndicate in Ireland for Free [2024]

Wednesday, May 29, 2024


The Syndicate is one of the most-watched British TV series, with 7+ IMDb rating. The series follows five-membered betting syndicate groups as they win the lottery. The show has four seasons, and each series follows a different syndicate. 

The show’s latest season was aired on 30 March 2021 on BBC One. You can watch The Syndicate in Ireland on BBC iPlayer which is completely free to stream.

However, BBC iPlayer is a geo-restricted service and is only available in the UK. To unblock it in Ireland, you will need to use a VPN and connect to the UK server. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice

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How to Watch The Syndicate in Ireland for Free

BBC is famous for releasing catchy TV shows of the Drama genre with intriguing plots and excellent actors. You can stream all episodes of The Syndicate in Ireland on BBC iPlayer online for free or download BBC iPlayer videos to enjoy on the go. 

Follow the steps below to watch The Syndicate in Ireland:

Step 1: Subscribe to a reliable VPN service (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Download the ExpressVPN app and install it on your device

Step 3: Open the VPN app and connect to the UK Server (i.e., Docklands)


Step 4: Open your web browser and go to the BBC iPlayer website


Step 5: Sign into your account if you already have one, or click on Register


Step 6: Select whether you’re under 16 or over 16


Step 7: Enter your birthdate


Step 8: Enter your email address and postcode


Step 9: Verify your account


Step 10: Click on Continue


Step 11: Click on search to find The Syndicate


Step 12: Choose the season and select the episode to stream


Step 13: Click on the play button and enjoy streaming for free


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2 Ways to Watch The Syndicate in Ireland

There are several ways to enjoy The Syndicate in Ireland and any other region outside the UK, such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. They are free and premium ways to enjoy the show online. 

1. BBC iPlayer (Free)


Our most recommended way to watch The Syndicate is through BBC iPlayer because of several reasons. BBC iPlayer is a free streaming service. Therefore, you can watch the show without spending a dime. 

Since The Syndicate is a BBC Original show, BBC iPlayer, a streaming service by the BBC, has all the episodes available. You will need to create a free account with the service though.

But BBC iPlayer is a geo-restricted streaming service available only in the UK. You’ll need to subscribe to ExpressVPN to watch the show in Ireland. 

2. Netflix (Premium)


Netflix is one of the world’s most watched and most-subscribed video-on-demand streaming services. Netflix is available worldwide, but each region has its content library

Netflix Ireland has the latest season of The Syndicate available to watch online or download. However, before streaming the show, you must subscribe to your preferred plan of Netflix. 

The following are the three plans offered by Netflix Ireland:

  • Basic: 8.99€/month
  • Standard: 14.99€/month
  • Premium: 20.99€/month

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What is The Syndicate All About?

The Syndicate is a British Drama with four seasons. The show’s main plot follows a betting syndicate that wins the million-dollar lottery that can make and break their lives. 

Each season of the show follows a new story with a new cast. Season 1 follows a group of characters in a Leeds supermarket, then a public hospital in Bradford, and season 3 follows former rich living in a crumbly stately home near Scarborough.

The 4th season of the show follows a group of Kennel workers who are about to lose their job as they win a million-dollar lottery. Unfortunately, their prize money was nowhere in their possession, and a journalist scammed them. 

As the show progresses, we learn how the group got their money back between the fits of laughter and silent sobs. 

Who’s in the Cast for The Syndicate?

Each season of The Syndicate has different cast members. The following is the cast of the latest season of The Syndicate:

  1. Joe Sugg as Sam
  2. Katie McGlynn as Georgina Clarke
  3. Mark Benton as Graham Woods
  4. Emily Head as Colette Andrews
  5. Gaynor Faye as Cheryl Armitage
  6. Taj Atwal as Roxy Varma
  7. Kieran Urquhart as Jake Thackery
  8. Katherine Rose Morley as Keeley Sanderson
  9. Liberty Hobbs as Gemma Hepworth
  10. Rita May as Nanna
  11. Neil Morrissey as Frank Stevenson
  12. Ruben Reuter as Shane Sanderson
  13. Kym Marsh as Donna Sanderson

How Can You Watch The Syndicate on Android Devices?

You can watch the show on the go by installing its Android app. However, you cannot install the official app from the Play Store, as it’s only available in the UK.

But you can download the APK version of the app to watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland on Android phones.

Follow the steps below to watch The Syndicate in Ireland on Android phones:

Step 1: Subscribe to any reliable VPN. ExpressVPN is our recommended choice

Step 2: Open the VPN app and connect to a UK server (i.e. Docklands)


Step 3: Download the BBC iPlayer App


Step 4: After the file has been downloaded, click Install


Step 5: Once the installation process has finished, click Open to proceed


Step 6: Sign in to your account if you already have one


Step 7: Enter your Email address and password


Step 8: Once you are on the home page, search for The Syndicate


Step 9: Choose the season and episode you want to watch and click on Start Watching


Step 10: Stream and enjoy


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Other Shows to Watch in Ireland

If you enjoy spending your time binge-watching TV shows, then you’ll love the following TV series:

  1. Watch Bad Education in Ireland

The British sitcom, Bad Education, follows a high school teacher who’s fun and a bigger kid than his students. The show focuses on the troubles British teens face under the guise of humour. 

2. Watch The Mandalorian in Ireland

The Mandalorian is an American live-action fantasy show based on the Star Wars Universe. The show follows the event five years after the Return of Jedi. 

3. Watch Kin in Ireland

The Crime Drama series follows a tightly-knit Irish family. A boy of the family was unjustly killed, starting an unending gang war against an international cartel. 

4. Watch Mare of Easttown in Ireland

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5. Watch Two Doors Down in Ireland

The British Comedy sitcom is an excellent take on a nosy yet helpful relationship between a bunch of neighbours whose lives are forever intertwined due to circumstances.

You can also watch other TV shows in Ireland such as Jury Duty, Ghosts (UK), Angels of the North, The Reunion, etc.

FAQs – The Syndicate

What are the IMDb and Amazon ratings of The Syndicate?

The IMDb rating of the show is 7.3/10, and the Amazon ratings are 4.5/5

How can I Watch The Syndicate in Ireland without using a VPN?

You can subscribe to Netflix in Ireland and watch the show’s latest season. 

Why do I need a VPN to watch The Syndicate on BBC iPlayer in Ireland?

To watch The Syndicate on BBC iPlayer in Ireland, you must get a VPN, as the service is geo-restricted outside of the United Kingdom due to international licensing laws. We recommend subscribing to ExpressVPN


The Syndicate is a British Drama that follows the story of a group of betting syndicates as they win a lottery. The show has four seasons, each with a different storyline and characters. 

All the seasons of The Syndicate aired on BBC One, but you can watch all of them on BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom. 

If you’re outside the UK, There are two ways to watch The Syndicate in Ireland. The free way is to watch on BBC iPlayer, and the premium way is to watch on Netflix.

However, you will need a VPN to watch the show on iPlayer as It’s geo-restricted. We recommend ExpressVPN

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