How to Watch Happy Valley in Ireland for Free [Season 3 | 2024]

Tuesday, May 28, 2024


The final episode of the final season of Happy Valley will premiere on 5th February 2023. In the last episode, Catherine’s last shift settles the scores once and for all, and Ryan is faced with a moral choice.

The show follows Sergeant Catherine Cawood’s life post her teenage daughter’s suicide, where she leads a team of strong-willed police officers in West Yorkshire and solves cases in that area. 

You can watch Happy Valley in Ireland for all three seasons with BCC iPlayer or Amazon Prime Video.

Since both BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video are unavailable in Ireland, you will need to use a VPN to bypass their geo-restrictions. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice.

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How to Watch Happy Valley in Ireland 

The third season is going to be the last season of Happy Valley, and it consists of 6 episodes. You can watch Happy Valley in Ireland with BBC iPlayer by following these steps:

Step 1: Subscribe to a safe VPN service (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Download and Install the ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 3: Open the VPN app and connect to the UK Server (i.e., London)


Step 4: Open your web browser and go to the BBC iPlayer website


Step 5: Sign into your account


Step 6: Click on search to find Happy Valley


Step 7: Type the title to search for it


Step 8: Choose the season and episode to stream


Step 9: Click on the play button and enjoy streaming for free


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3 Ways to Stream Happy Valley in Ireland

Besides the original way, that is through BBC iPlayer, you can still stream Happy Valley in Ireland and anywhere around the globe with free and premium streaming services.

We have listed the top 3 ways to watch Happy Valley online in Ireland:

1. BBC iPlayer (Free)


Happy Valley season 3 premiered on 1st January, Sunday. The British crime drama is officially aired on BBC iPlayer, a free-to-stream platform. BBC iPlayer is a video-on-demand streaming platform restricted to the UK only.

Its library has a huge collection of shows and movies in various genres, such as Deadwood, succession, and Game of Thrones.

You will find all the latest and popular UK TV content online such as You can stream content in 3 different languages, i.e., English, Welsh, and Scottish Gaelic.

Due to copyrights and licensing issues, you will not be able to access BBC iPlayer in Ireland. It would be best if you used a VPN (i.e. ExpressVPN) to watch the show in Ireland, as BBC iPlayer is restricted outside the United Kingdom.

Read more: Watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland

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2. Amazon Prime Video (Premium)


Amazon Prime Video is a platform where you can stream live and on-demand content with a paid subscription. You can stream Happy Valley on Amazon Prime Video and all three seasons from its on-demand library.

Amazon Prime is available in multiple countries across the globe, including Ireland. However, the content in the library may differ, subject to the location.

You can watch Happy Valley on AMC+ with Amazon Prime Video, and you can subscribe and pay just $1.99 a month for your first two months.

Happy Valley is available for Canadians with an AMC+ add-on on Amazon Prime. Season 3 will arrive soon, but currently, we do not have a specific date for when.

You will need to connect to a Canadian server on your VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN as it has multiple servers that help stream without lagging. 

3. BINGE (Paid)


BINGE is a premium streaming service that allows you to watch all three seasons of Happy Valley. It also offers more than 1100 movies and over 800 TV shows and has content worldwide. You can browse BINGE’s colossal library and find all the latest titles.

BINGE is an Australian streaming service that shows content from around the globe. You can subscribe to BINGE for $10 per month for the Basic plan, $16 for the Standard plan, and $18 per month for the Premium plan. BINGE also offers a two-week trial to new customers. 

However, since BINGE is only available in Australia, you will have to connect your streaming device to the Australian server on your VPN to access it in Ireland. We suggest using ExpressVPN because it bypasses geo-restrictions without any hassle.

Who is in the Cast of Happy Valley Season 3?

Other than the script and direction of the show, the cast behind the super hit crime drama series is responsible for the fame it has received over the three seasons. The cast of season 3 of Happy Valley show is : 

  • Sarah Lancashire as Sgt. Catherine Cawood
  • Siobhan Finneran as Clare Cartwright
  • James Norton as Tommy Lee Royce
  • Rhys Connah as Ryan Cawood
  • Con O’Neill as Neil Ackroyd
  • George Costigan as Nevison Gallagher
  • Karl Davies as Daniel Cawood
  • Susan Lynch as Alison Garrs
  • Rick Warden as Mike Taylor 
  • Charlie Murphy as Ann Gallagher
  • Derek Riddell as Richard Cawood
  • Vincent Franklin as Andy Shepherd

How to watch Happy Valley Season 3 on a Mobile device

You can watch the Happy Valley series on various devices with BBC iPlayer. You can stream season 3 and other seasons as well. Since BBC iPlayer is free to stream you do not need to worry about any payments. 

You will need a trusted VPN since the BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK, below are some simple steps to watch Happy Valley season 3 outside UK on mobile devices:

Step 1: Subscribe to any reliable VPN. ExpressVPN is our recommended choice


Step 2: Connect to a UK server (Recommended Server: London)


Step 3: Download the BBC iPlayer APK


Step 4: Click on Install


Step 5: Click on Open to proceed


Step 6: Sign in to your account


Step 7: Enter your Email address and password


Step 8: Once you are on the home page search for Happy Valley


Step 9: Choose the season and episode and click on Watch Now


Step 10: Stream free and enjoy


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Other TV Series You Can Watch in Ireland

Here’s a list of TV Shows that you can watch in Ireland other than Happey Valley:


Why was Happy Valley removed from Netflix?

Even though Netflix had exclusive rights to the series, those rights have a time limit. When it runs out, Netflix loses the rights to the series. Happy Valley is a BBC show which was streaming exclusively on Netflix.

How many episodes are in Happy Valley series 3?

Season 3 is the show’s last season and has six episodes in total. The last episode comes out on Sunday, February 5th, 2023. 

Where is Happy Valley filmed in England?

The areas used for filming were a disused quarry in Bradford, Market Street in the village of Thornton, the Piazza shopping center, and Greenhead Park in Huddersfield.

Where is Happy Valley supposed to be set?

Most of the storyline is filmed in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, a market town located at the junction of the River Calder and Hebden Water. 

What is the plot of Happy Valley?

Happy Valley follows the story of Catherine Cawood, who is still coming to terms with the suicide of her teenage daughter, Becky, eight years ago. She is divorced from her husband and is living with her sister Clare who is a recovering addict and is raising her grandson Ryan. 


The final season of Happy Valley just aired, and the last episode will air on the 5th of February, 2023. It has three seasons, and you can watch Happy Valley in Ireland with either the premium or the free method.

The show follows Catherine Cawood and how after her daughter’s suicide, she leads a team of strong-willed officers in West Yorkshire to solve crimes in the area. 

Happy Valley has a fantastic cast and storyline, and it is well-written. The last episode follows Catherine Cawood and how she settles the score once and for all, and Ryan Cawood is faced with a moral dilemma. 

Happy Valley is available on BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video. However, none of them are available in Ireland, and to access them, you will need to connect your streaming device to a trusted VPN.

We suggest you use ExpressVPN to bypass the geo-restrictions and to stay safe while online. 

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