How to Watch The Simpsons in Ireland (Free | All 34 Seasons)

Thursday, July 25, 2024


The Simpsons is a Fox TV original and have been running over for more than 3 decades now, The Simpsons have become one of the most popular TV series. The sitcom is the best choice of all time and everyone’s favorite TV show to binge-watch. 

The series is a sarcastic yet realistic depiction of American life. The Simpsons family consists of 5 members, Maggie, Lisa, Marge, Bart, and Homer. The father, Homer Simpson, along with his family, lives in Springfield, where the story revolves around the ups and downs in their lives.

If you are new to the Simpsons or even want to rewatch the show all over again, you’re in good luck. In this guide, we have discussed free and premium ways to watch The Simpsons in Ireland. 

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How to Watch The Simpsons in Ireland

The Simpson portrays the hurdles faced by every single person in a family and how they survive as a family. The added humor gives it a more subtle and enjoyable touch making it a series that one can enjoy with friends and family.  

You can want this series via different methods, whatever suits you. However, you may need a VPN to keep you safe on the internet. 

Follow the following steps to watch The Simpsons in Ireland:

Step 1: Subscribe to a good VPN (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice)

Step 2: Download the ExpressVPN app and install it on your preferred device

Step 3: Open the VPN app and connect to the US server (e.g. New York)


Step 4: Go to the OR website and search for ‘The Simpsons’ in the Search bar


Step 5: Select any episode and click Play


Step 6: Start streaming!

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7 Ways to Watch The Simpsons in Ireland

The Simpsons have been a hit all around the world, the show has won multiple awards throughout this time period including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over, Teen Choice Award, The Annie Award for Best General Audience Animated Television, and much more.

It was generally a FOX TV original but now you can watch it on multiple platforms. Here we have added a number of options for you ranging from free to premium.

  • Soap2day
  • Cataz
  • Disney+
  • DirecTV
  • Sling
  • Hulu
  • Fubo
  • YouTube TV

Free Ways to Watch The Simpsons in Ireland

If you do not have a subscription to any of the premium streaming networks or do not want to spend a lot on leisure, then that is acceptable. You can always opt for the free methods to watch your favorite shows online. 

But keep in mind that your safety should be your priority. For that, you need a safe VPN service, and our recommendation is ExpressVPN. Here are some options to watch the series for free.


You can find almost any show or movie on No matter what the rating or how old it gets. There is hardly any show that is unavailable on Soap2day.

You can enjoy streaming free with just one click. You can access the vast library of soap2day with series and movies from different genres and states.

The website is based on ads that may not be good for your streaming device. Also, the ads might breach your data as well. To make sure none of this happens, you must use a safe VPN, like ExpressVPN.


The next option we have for you in the free methods is You can stream The Simpsons on this website for free but with few ads.

Other than this, you can also find many other sitcoms, comedy shows, and movies. Watch the show without any interruption.

Do not forget to connect your VPN; because is not a licensed network, you must keep your identity safe. You can use ExpressVPN as it is one of the fastest VPNs to stream shows online and keeps your online activity hidden while streaming.

Premium Ways to Watch The Simpsons in Ireland

If you got a subscription to any of these premium streaming networks, it might be significant. You can now easily watch the series online without a hustle, ads, or buffering issues.

Some of the top streaming networks may be Disney+, Hulu, SlingTV, Netflix, and others mentioned in the guide for you, so keep reading.

3. Disney+


Disney+ is now the new home for The Simpsons and this is where you can watch the entire run for $7.99/month OR you can get a Hulu and ESPN+ bundle for $13.99/month.

The bundle provides the best value in all of the streaming so we would prefer you go for the bundle. Disney+ is available in Ireland so you won’t be needing to use a VPN.

4. DirecTV 

You can watch FOX on the DirecTV library, loaded with 65+ channels and 40,000 on-demand shows. Some popular channels available are ESPN, HGTV, TNT, Nickelodeon, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

The subscription to DirectTV would cost you $69.99 per month, and you can also stream FOXTV on different apps like Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, or any smartphone. The best thing is that it can be accessed via 20 screens at the same time. You are always free to cancel your subscription.

Read More: How to Watch DirecTV in Ireland

5. SlingTV

Another great option is SlingTV. The streaming service allows you to stream live TV and on-demand videos. The subscription costs $35 per month. You can easily stream The Simpsons on FOX live.

SlingTV is an American subscription-based streaming service that is not available in Ireland. Therefore you will need a VPN connection to stream, such as ExpressVPN.

Read More: How to Watch Sling in Ireland

6. Hulu

Hulu is the cheapest way to watch The Simpsons. All 33 seasons are available On-demand for $6.99 per month. Not just that, you can use the 30-day free trial to test all the features in advance. In Ireland, you need to get a VPN service to connect to an American server and then access Hulu.

You can use ExpressVPN to quickly stream all the older and latest classic episodes of the series. With a Hulu subscription, you can also watch thousands of movies and TV shows.

Read More: How to Watch Hulu in Ireland

7. Fubo TV

FuboTV is one of the top choices to stream the Simpsons in Ireland. With around 116 channels, including FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC. You get the 33 seasons lineup of the series all in one place to watch without interruption. Some of the Fubo TVs popular channels are Discovery, HGTV, ESPN, and Big Ten Network.  

You can enjoy all these channels on different devices such as Android TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, and Google TV. Fubo TV gives you the ease of watching live TV on 2 screens at the same time. All this is just for $64.99 per month.

8. Youtube TV

The last most reliable option we have for you to stream the Simpsons in Ireland is Youtube TV. You get 85+ channels and unlimited control to cloud DVR for just $64.99 per month. You can watch Youtube TV live on 3 screens at the same time. Some of the popular channels available on Youtube TV are FOX TV, TNT & ESPN. 

You can use Youtube TV on various devices such as Android TV, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. If you are new to Youtube TV, you get a 30-days free trial, to begin with.

How to Watch The Simpsons on Android/Smart TV?

You can stream the Simpsons on any device including a smartphone, all you need is a VPN. follow these simple steps to stream the Simpsons on your mobile device

Step 1: Download and Install the ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 2: Open the VPN app and connect to the UK server (i.e. Docklands)

Step 3: Download BeeTV APK and install it on your device

Step 5: Open the app and choose your preferred language

Step 6: Choose the player you want to watch i.e. MX Player

Step 7: Search for The Simpsons

Step 8: Choose the episode you want to watch

Step 9: Choose the link and start streaming!

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Other TV Shows/Movies to Watch in Ireland

Here is a list of other must-watch shows that are not available in Ireland but you can watch with a VPN:

FAQs – The Simpsons

When were the Simpsons first aired?

It was aired on the 17th of December 1989.

Are all Simpsons episodes available on Disney+?

All the 32 seasons are available on Dinsey+ except the episode 2 “Stark Raving Dad,” of season 3.

Is Simpsons available on Fox TV?

Yes, all 33 seasons of The Simpsons is available on Fox TV. In fact, The Simpsons is the Original Animated Series of Fox TV.


The Simpsons is our favorite show of all time. From the platforms mentioned above, you can choose to watch in any of the best ways possible.

In the guide, we mentioned the free methods and the premium methods mentioned for you. However, you will always need a VPN to use these streaming services. 

A VPN helps you access geo-restricted websites due to copyright and licensing issues. Moreover, it enables you to keep yourself protected from detectors and other malware on the internet.

I was able to watch The Simpsons in Ireland thanks to all of these services mentioned in the guide using ExpressVPN.

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