How to Watch Vanderpump Villa in Ireland [Free and Premium]

Wednesday, May 29, 2024


Vanderpump Villa is an American reality show. The series is a third spin-off of the Vanderpump Rules.

The show follows Lisa Vanderpump and her chosen staff as they prepare the luxury French villa: Château Rosabelle for their guests and host them.

The show’s first season premiered on 1st April, and the season finale is on 20th May. You can watch Vanderpump Villa in Ireland on Disney+ and Hulu.

You cannot stream Hulu in Ireland due to geo-restrictions. But don’t worry. I have found a reliable and free way to stream the show.

However, you must use a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, to bypass the restrictions and hide your streaming activity when streaming for free.

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How to Watch Vanderpump Villa in Ireland

You can watch Vanderpump Villa on Disney+ in Ireland, the official home of the series in the region. You must choose Disney+’s monthly or annual plan to watch the show.

Follow the steps below to watch Vanderpump Villa in Ireland:

Step 1: Go to the Disney+ website and click on Get Disney+ Now

watch-vanderpump-villa-in-ireland-1 Step 2: Enter your email address


Step 3: Create your password


Step 4: Choose your preferred payment plan and enter your credentials to subscribe


Step 5: Search for Vanderpump Villa and enjoy streaming


Free and Premium Ways to Watch Vanderpump Villa in Ireland

Vanderpump Villa is one of the best reality shows, giving a sneak peek into the wealthy lifestyle. You can watch Vanderpump Villa on several free and premium streaming services.

Below are my recommended ways to watch Vanderpump Villa in Ireland:

1. Disney+ (Premium)


Disney+ is my recommended way to watch Vanderpump Villa in Ireland. The streaming service is available in several regions worldwide, including the US, UK, and Ireland.

Each region offers a different content library. However, the series is available on almost all Disney+ libraries.

You can enjoy the show by subscribing to the service for €10.99/month and €109.90/year.

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2. Hulu (Premium)


Hulu is another of my tried platforms to watch Vanderpump Villa in Ireland. Hulu offers live TV streaming, which allows users to watch live channels. You can stream all episodes of Vanderpump Villa on Hulu.

It also provides VOD streaming, where users can watch original and acquired shows. You can enjoy Hulu by subscribing to its monthly plan for $7.99/month with ads and $17.99/month without ads.

However, licensing agreements do not allow you to watch Hulu outside the United States. The only way to stream Hulu in Ireland is through a VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

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3. (Free)

watch-vanderpump-villa-in-ireland-goMovies My recommended free website to stream Vanderpump is The website offers content without subscription fees or registration.

However, a potential downside is that the content lacks official licenses. As a result, your internet service provider may block the website due to its unauthorized content distribution.

To keep your streaming hidden from your internet provider, use ExpressVPN.

What’s Vanderpump Villa About?

The new unscripted docu-drama follows Lisa Vanderpump and the hand-selected staff of her luxury French villa – Château Rosabelle.

The series shows the extravagant lifestyle of Lisa and her staff as they live and work together and host their wealthy guests.

The first season is considered a trial season before Lisa moves the show to her villa at Carcassonne, Aude.

Who Stars in Vanderpump Villa

The following is the list of cast members of Vanderpump Villa:

  • Lisa Vanderpump
  • Stephen Alsvig
  • Anthony Bar
  • Marciano Brunette
  • Caroline Byl
  • Grace Cottrell
  • Priscila Ferrari
  • Hannah Fouch
  • Eric Funderwhite
  • Chauntel “Telly” Hall

How to Watch Vanderpump Villa in Ireland on Mobile Phones

If you are reluctant to get Disney+ or Hulu due to its high subscription fees, I recommend streaming the show on your phone via the free streaming site.

Follow the steps below to watch Vanderpump Villa in Ireland on mobile phones:

Step 1: Install our suggested ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 2: Connect to the US Server

watch-vanderpump-villa-in-ireland-mobile-2 Step 3: Open the OR website and click on the search bar


Step 4: Search for Vanderpump Villa and choose the show


Step 5: Choose the episode you want to watch


Step 6: Enjoy streaming


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FAQs – Vanderpump Villa

How much does it cost to stay at Vanderpump Villa?

For those seeking accommodations, there are multiple room choices. The most affordable option is the Chambre Albanne, which costs 159 euros (around $170.00) per night.

How many episodes are there in Vanderpump Villa?

There are ten episodes in the first season of the show. The episodes will air weekly till the finale on 20th May after its three-episode premiere.

Can you watch Vanderpump Villa on Netflix?

No, the show isn’t available on Netflix. You can only watch it on Disney+ and Hulu.


Vanderpump Villa is an unfiltered docu-reality show about Lisa Vanderpump and her staff. The show follows them as they live, work, and play together.

You can watch Vanderpump Villa in Ireland on Disney+ and Hulu. Moreover, Hulu only works in the United States.

ExpressVPN is our recommended choice to unblock geo-restricted streaming services and hide your streaming activity from your ISP.

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