How to Watch The $100,000 Pyramid in Ireland [Easy Steps | 2024]

Thursday, July 25, 2024


ABC has rebooted the 1970’s popular game show The $10,000 Pyramid as The $100,000 Pyramid. The new version’s name reflects the increase in the game’s top prize.

Two teams consisting of a celebrity and contestant each play against each other. They have to guess the words/phrases described by their teammate. The words are given to them according to their chosen category

You can watch The $100,000 Pyramid in Ireland on ABC and Hulu. These services are only available in the United States due to geo-restrictions. You can access them in Ireland via a VPN, i.e., ExpressVPN.

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How to Watch The $100,000 Pyramid in Ireland

Hulu is the best way to watch the previous episodes of The $100,000 Pyramid. The latest season is also expected soon to release on the streaming service. 

Follow the steps below to watch The $100,000 Pyramid in Ireland:

Step 1: Subscribe to a reliable VPN service (We recommend ExpressVPN).

Step 2: Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 3: Open the app and connect to a US server (i.e., New York)


Step 4: Open the Hulu website


Step 5: Click login if you already have an account or click on Start your free trial  to buy your plan


Step 6: Choose your plan 


Step 7: Create your account details by entering your email id, password, date of birth, and gender, then click Continue


Step 8: Add your credit card info and click submit


Step 9: Search for The $100,000 Pyramid. Choose the season and episode to enjoy streaming


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2 Ways to Watch The $100,000 Pyramid in Ireland

You can stream the previous and latest seasons of The $100,000 Pyramid in Ireland in two ways. Both services require you to create an account and subscribe to their services.

1. Hulu


Hulu is our recommended way to watch seasons 1 – 4 of The $100,000 Pyramid in Ireland. You must subscribe to any of Hulu’s plans to watch the game show in Ireland. 

Hulu with ads costs $7.99/month, and without ads costs $14.99/month. You can upgrade your plan to Hulu + Disney+ + ESPN+ for $69.99/month

Hulu is an American streaming platform and is geo-restricted outside the United States. However, you can access Hulu in Ireland using a trusted VPN (i.e., ExpressVPN app).

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2. ABC


The new version of $100,000 Pyramid is created and broadcasted by ABC. It is a commercial broadcasting television network in the United States that you can access from its website and via linking your account to a live TV streaming service.

But since ABC is unavailable in Ireland due to licensing agreements, you must use a VPN to stream ABC in Ireland. You can connect to the American server of ExpressVPN to bypass the geo-restrictions.

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What is the Game Play of The $100,000 Pyramid?

The game show is known as The Pyramid because the main board used in the game features six categories arranged in a triangle. Three categories are set at the bottom, two in the middle, and one at the top.

In the main game, two teams compete against each other. Each team has to choose a category from the given six. Each game category is individually selected until all the categories have been played.

One member of the participating two teams is given words or phrases relating to the chosen category. They must describe them to their teammate in a limited time.

The higher-scoring team advances to the Winner’s Circle, a bonus round of the competition. The celebrities switch sides and compete in new categories after the Winner’s Circle ends. After this round, the victorious team moves to the second and final Winner’s Circle.

American & International Versions of $100,000 Pyramid

As mentioned earlier, the $100,000 Pyramid is the reboot of The $10,000 Pyramid. The game shows are from a series of American game shows collectively known as The Pyramid. The game show has several local and international versions. 

The following are some of the versions of the show:

American versions

  • The $10,000 Pyramid (1973 – 1976)
  • The $20,000 Pyramid (1976 – 1980)
  • The $25,000 Pyramid (1974 – 1979)
  • The $50,000 Pyramid (1981)
  • The (New) $25,000 Pyramid (1982 – 1988)
  • The $100,000 Pyramid (1985 – 1988, 1991)
  • Pyramid (2002 – 2004)
  • The Pyramid (2012)
  • The $100,000 Pyramid (2016 – present)

International versions

  • Pyramid (Australia)
  • Pyramide (Canada)
  • Contrarreloj (Chile)
  • El Haram (Egypt)
  • Püramiid (Estonia)
  • Pyramide (France)
  • Die Pyramide (Germany)
  • Pyramid (Iran)
  • Piramida (Poland)
  • A Grande Pirâmide (Portugal)

How to Watch The $100,000 Pyramid in Ireland on Smartphones

The Hulu app on the Google Play Store is only available in the United StatesThat’s why you need to download the APK version of the app from your phone’s browser. You will also need to use a VPN to watch Hulu in Ireland.

Follow the steps below to watch The $100,000 Pyramid in Ireland on smartphones:

Step 1: Install our recommended ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 2: Connect to a server in the USA (Recommended Server: New Jersey-1)


Step 3: Download the Hulu APK


Step 4: Install the app


Step 5: Once the installation is complete, open the app


Step 6: log in to your account


Step 7: Choose the season and episode of The $100,000 Pyramid and enjoy streaming


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Other Games and Reality Shows to Watch in Ireland

You can watch the following game and reality shows in Ireland:

Watch Survivor in Ireland

The Survivor is a competitive reality show where contestants are put through different challenges, and the last one to survive takes the money home.

Watch The Price is Right in Ireland

It is the longest-running game show in US television history. In the game, the contestants compete against each other and guess the correct price of merchandise to win.

Watch Jeopardy in Ireland

Jeopardy is the most famous American game show where contestants are given general knowledge clues as questions and must answer in the form of a question.

Watch MasterChef US in Ireland

MasterChef US is one of the most popular cooking reality shows judged by top celebrity chefs, such as Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich. The participants showcase their culinary skills to win the MasterChef title.

Some more shows you can binge, include Unbreakable, America’s Got Talent and The Great British Menu.

FAQs – The $100,000 Pyramid

Will there be a seventh season of The $10,000 Pyramid?

Yes, the game show has been renewed for a seventh season and will start production after the completion of season six. Season six will return on 9 July 2023.

Can you win $150,000 on The $100,000 Pyramid?

To win both trips and a total of $150,000, contestants play for $50,000 on their first trip to the Winner’s Circle and $100,000 on their second. 

How is a tie broken in The $100,000 Pyramid?

A tiebreaker is used to decide the winner if both teams are still tied after the sixth category. To break the tie and win, each team makes one member describe seven items starting with the same alphabet letter to their teammate as quickly as possible.

Who won the first $100,000 pyramid?

Vicki Lawrence and Richard Mahaffey were the first winners of The $100,000 Pyramid.


The $100,000 Pyramid is the popular remake of the classic The $10,000 Pyramid. Michael Strahan hosts ABC’s new version of the show, which has six seasons until now.

You can watch The $100,000 Pyramid in Ireland on Hulu and ABC. ABC is the show’s original broadcaster, and you can only watch the show live on the channel. However, you can watch the previous seasons on Hulu.

Since ABC and Hulu are geo-restricted and unavailable in Ireland, you must use a VPN to access them. We recommend our #1 VPN, ExpressVPN, to bypass the restrictions.

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