How to Watch Peep Show in Ireland [2024]

Thursday, July 25, 2024


Peep show is a British sitcom that was broadcasted on Channel 4. It is considered the longest-running comedy-drama in the history of Channel 4.

The peep show lasted for 12 years with 9 seasons and 54 episodes. Like a usual sitcom, it was relaxing for the people, which is why it is still demanded, all around the world including in Ireland as it is standing at an 8.7/10 IMDb rating as of present.

Peep Show is available in Ireland through Netflix which is a premium service. However, you can watch Peep Show in Ireland for free with Channel 4

But since Channel 4 or All4 is geo-restricted in Ireland, you would need to use a VPN and connect to the UK server.

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How to Watch Peep Show in Ireland

Since Peep Show is not available in Ireland you will need a VPN to watch the series. Below are the steps to watch Peep Show in Ireland through Channel 4. Follow the instructions and watch Peep Show in Ireland:

Step 1: Subscribe to any VPN (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Download and install ExpressVPN on your device

Step 3: Look for a UK server and connect to it (i.e. Docklands)


Step 4: Go to the Channel 4 website and click on sign-in


Step 5: Enter your email


Step 6: Enter your password


Step 7: Now click on the “search button


Step 8: Search for the “Peep Show


Step 9: Select the season and episode


Step 10: Click on the “Play” button


Step 11: Enjoy Streaming


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4 Ways to Watch Peep Show in Ireland

You can choose to stream the sitcom for free or by paying an amount. We have the following options for you. But you will still need a VPN with both of the methods:

1. Channel 4


Channel 4 is a free UK channel and is home to the Peep Show. You can watch other shows like Everyone Else Burns, Gogglebox, The Simpsons, Lego Masters: Australia, etc. on Channel 4 as well for free.

Channel 4 offers a large library of content that includes, series, movies, news, talk shows, variety shows, etc. that you can watch in Ireland by unblocking Channel 4 with the help of a VPN.

Due to geo-restrictions, Channel 4 is unavailable in Ireland and hence you can’t watch Peep show on Channel without connecting to a VPN service. We recommend using ExpressVPN.

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2. Netflix

watch-peep-show-on -netflix

Netflix is a top-rated streaming site around the world, and luckily it also has all nine seasons of the British sitcom, Peep Show, in its library and that is why you must subscribe to one of its plans to have access to The Peep Show.

The basic plan of Netflix is just $9.99 while the platinum costs around $19.99 with a few more benefits. Netflix is a great streaming service to look for any show, movie, or season, as its large library has a huge variety of content.

Once you buy the Netflix subscription you can connect to a British server over a VPN service and enjoy watching the sitcom, Peep Show. Our vote goes with ExpressVPN.

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3. Hulu 

watch-peep-show-on -hulu

Hulu also offers British series and sitcoms, like the Peep Show, just like many other streaming services. You will just need to purchase a BBC America add-on with a Hulu subscription where you will be able to watch Peep Show.

All you need is to pay $6.99/month after the trial ends for a Hulu subscription. Hulu has other streaming options laid out for you as well. The vast library of Hulu will let you watch any series you want and that too in HD quality.  

You may know that Hulu is an American streaming service and is unavailable in Ireland, so, to unblock Hulu in Ireland, you will need a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.

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4. Sling

watch-peep-show-on -slingtv

Sling is another streaming website that you can use to access and stream Peep Show. Their library is filled with amazing content that Irish people can watch in their spare time.

You can watch all nine seasons of the peep show by purchasing the BBC America add-on with a Sling TV subscription.  

A Sling TV subscription will cost you $35 per month with the BBC America add-on and you will be able to access all the interesting shows, movies, and other content available on BBC America.

However, like many other American platforms, Sling TV is not available in Ireland, therefore you must connect your device to a VPN first (ExpressVPN). Furthermore, you will get to watch the series in High Definition at Sling.  

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How to Watch Peep Show on Mobile Phone

Step 1: Connect to the UK server ExpressVPN


Step 2: Install Netflix from the Google Play Store


Step 3: Sign in and choose your screen


Step 4: Search for the Peep Show


Step 5: Choose a season and episode


Step 6: Enjoy Streaming

how-to-watch-peep-show-on-mobile-in-ireland-6 (1)

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Other Shows to Watch in Ireland

You can also watch the following in your spare time besides Peep Show:

FAQs – Netflix

Did Peep Show get Cancelled?

Peep Show successfully ran for nine seasons and ended in 2015 with its final season.

Is Peep Show not on Netflix?

Peep Show is available on Netflix, however, it may be possible that it might not be in your region. That is why we recommend you connect to a VPN and switch to a UK server. 


Peep Show is an infamous British Sitcom that is liked all around the work. We have discussed multiple ways to watch Peep Show in Ireland, including both Free and premium Methods, as this show will help you relax and give you a good time laughing.

Now you know what to do in your spare time. All you need to do is connect to ExpressVPN and then watch your favorite season with some popcorn. Your identity is always hidden and safe when you stream content on websites. 

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