How to Watch Ted in Ireland for Free [All Seasons | 2024]

Thursday, July 25, 2024


Ted is an American fantasy comedy TV series that serves as the prequel for the featured Ted films. The TV show is the third instalment in the Ted franchise.

The TV series follows the life and adventures of Ted, a sentient teddy bear toy, along with his best friend, John.

You can watch Ted in Ireland for free on TVNZ+. The show is also available on Ireland’s most popular streaming service, Now TV. US fans can enjoy the Ted TV show exclusively on Peacock TV.

Unfortunately, due to geographical restrictions, TVNZ+ and Peacock TV are unavailable in Ireland. Using a VPN is the only way to access the services in Ireland. ExpressVPN is our recommended choice.

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How to Watch Ted in Ireland for Free

You can watch Ted for free on TVNZ+. The free streaming service offers all episodes of season 1. However, use a VPN to bypass geo-blocks.

Follow the steps below to watch Ted in Ireland:

Step 1: Subscribe to a safe VPN service (ExpressVPN is our recommended choice)

Step 2: Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 3: Open the app and connect to the New Zealand server 

watch-ted-in-Ireland-3 Step 4: Go to the TVNZ+ website and click on the search icon


Step 5: Search for Ted and select the show


Step 6: Choose the episode you want to watch


Step 7: Click Sign Up


Step 8: Click Sign Up Now


Step 9: Create your account by entering your credentials


Step 10: Enjoy streaming


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3 Ways to Watch Ted in Ireland

Ted is one of the most popular comedy TV series, with an IMDb rating of 8/10 and 73% Rotten Tomatoes ratings. You can watch Ted on several free and premium streaming services, as I have discussed.

Below are my top recommended ways to watch Ted in Ireland:

1. TVNZ+


TVNZ+ is a free streaming service, providing both live and on-demand content. Its diverse range of content includes acquired and original programs, news, sports, movies, and more.

The service is highly recommended to stream Ted for free in Ireland. You must create an account to watch the show.

TVNZ is a region-restricted streaming service, only available in New Zealand. You can access the service in other regions, including Ireland, with our recommended VPN – ExpressVPN.

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2. Now TV


You can watch all of Ted’s episodes in Ireland on Now TV with Sky Max channel. Now TV is a subscription-based VOD streaming service in the UK and Ireland.

The TV show is available with a subscription to its basic entertainment plan for €11.99/month.

You can also subscribe to its Entertainment + Cinema bundle for €23.98/month or €5.99/month for a six-month minimum

3. Peacock TV


You can watch Ted exclusively on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock TV in the US. The streaming service offers all seven episodes with ads for $5.99/month.

If you don’t want ads to disturb your streaming, you can get the ad-free version for $11.99/month

Unfortunately, Peacock TV is only available in the US due to geo-restrictions. However, you can access it outside the US with the help of a VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

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What is the Storyline of Ted?

The series, set in 1993-94, follows the early life of Ted, a sentient teddy bear toy. Ted lives with 16-year-old John Bennett and his family in Framingham, Massachusetts

Besides John and Ted, the Bennett household consists of John’s father, Matty; his mother, Susan; and his cousin, Blaire, who resides with them while enrolled in a nearby college.

Due to an incident at home, Matty convinces Ted to join John in high school rather than waste his time watching game shows at home. 

Ted tries his hardest to get expelled on the first day of school, so he tries buying weed. The incident illustrates the origins of how Ted and John became the stoners.

Who Stars in Ted TV Series?

The following is the list of the cast of the Ted TV series:

  • Seth MacFarlane as the voice and motion capture for Ted
  • Max Burkholder as John Bennett
  • Alanna Ubach as Susan Bennett
  • Scott Grimes as Matty Bennett
  • Giorgia Whigham as Blaire Bennett
  • Marissa Shankar as Sarah
  • Ara Hollyday as Andrew

How to Watch Ted in Ireland on Mobile Phones

You can watch the show in the UK and Ireland on Now TV through the Sky Max channelAlthough the Now TV app is available on the Google Play Store in Ireland, I have provided an alternative method to get it.

If your phone is incompatible with the Play Store’s latest version of the app, you can still download the APK file.

Follow the steps to watch Ted in Ireland on mobile phones:

Step 1: Download the Now TV APK

watch-ted-in-ireland-mobile-1 Step 2: Click Accept All


Step 3: Select Next


Step 4: Enter your credentials


Step 5: Select the Search icon from the Home page


Step 6: Select the show and enjoy streaming


Other TV Shows to Watch in Ireland

You can watch the following TV shows in Ireland:

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The Fall is about a senior investigation officer whose team puts in a lot of effort to develop a case overtime on a criminal, but they run into issues inside and outside the PSNI.

Watch Blue Bloods in Ireland

Blue Bloods is an American police procedural TV series. The show follows the Regan Family, an American-Irish Catholic family in New York City with a history in law enforcement agencies.

Watch Slow Horses in Ireland

Slow Horses is a spy thriller TV series based on the Slough House series by Mick Herron. The show follows the misfits of MI5, known as Slow Horses, as they navigate the mentally taxing environment of Slough House.

Watch the Secret She Keeps in Ireland

The Australian thriller drama The Secrets She Keeps follows the lives of two women who have catastrophic secrets that have the potential to ruin everything they cherish. Their lives are forever changed when they meet.

Watch Foundation in Ireland

The Foundation is an American science fiction show based on the novel series of the same name by Issac Asimov. The show is set in a futuristic world where humans live in different parts of the universe under the rule of the Galactic Empire.

FAQs – Ted

Will there be a Ted season 2?

There has yet to be any news about the renewal of the series. Season 1 of the show is marketed as an Event series, another name for a limited series.

Why does Ted have eight episodes in the UK and 7 in the US?

Ted was released in the UK on Sky as an eight-episode series. Episode one of the show was split into two parts.

Why is Ted rated R?

The series is highly rated and is not suitable for children and teenagers because of sexual innuendos, romance, and nudity.


Ted is a famous American comedy-drama featuring the life and adventures of a talking-teddy bear and his best friend.

You can watch Ted in Ireland on TVNZ+ for free. You can also stream the show on Now TV and Peacock with a monthly subscription

However, since TVNZ+ and Peacock TV are geo-restricted streaming services, you must connect to ExpressVPN’s server before streaming the show. 

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