How to Watch Europa League in Ireland [March 2023]



The Europa League, formerly the UEFA Cup, is a yearly football club competition founded in 1971 and modified in 2009. It is organized by the Union of European Football Associations for qualified European football clubs.

The UEFA Europa League started on September 8, 2022, and will end on May 31, 2023, in Budapest for the first time.

You can watch Europa League in Ireland easily on many sports channels in Ireland; some are subscription-based (BT Sports, Sky Sports, Eurosport, FuboTV), while others are free to stream i.e. ServusTV. 

If any of these services or channels aren’t available in Ireland, you will need to use a VPN (such as ExpressVPN) and connect to the desired servers.

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How to Watch Europa League in Ireland for Free

Europa League can be watched on Europa League in Ireland with the help of a free streaming service i.e. ServusTV. It is an Austrian service and is free to stream but is unavailable in Ireland, for which you need to use a VPN.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Subscribe to a good VPN (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice)

Step 2: Download the ExpressVPN app and install it on your laptop

Step 3: Open the VPN app and connect to the Austrian server 


Step 4: Open the Servus TV website and go to search for Europa League


Step 5: Click on UEFA Europa League


Step 6: Start streaming


Note: Live streaming will be available once the Europa League begins.

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5 Ways to Watch Europa League in Ireland

You can watch Europa League from within Ireland with the help of 5 streaming services/channels that are either free or premium. These are mentioned below:

1. ServusTV


ServusTV is a free-to-air Austrian streaming service that broadcasts live sporting events and documentaries. It streams Europa League matches live along with Formula One matches as well.

Since the service is geo-restricted in Ireland, therefore you need to use a VPN (i.e. ExpressVPN) and connect to the Austrian server to unblock the service.

2. BT Sports


BT Sports was able to secure the exclusive rights to broadcast most of the Europa League games. The streaming service is available in Ireland and can be accessed online. With BT Sports, you can stream live for the next three seasons.

You will get the live streaming and be ready to experience in-match clips and highlights of the matches and stream the finale in HD.

BT Sports is a pay television sports channel available to stream in the UK and Ireland. With BT sports, you can stream different sports events and enjoy them with HD quality.

BT Sports is known to be the home to 50+ Premier League games every sports season, so the subscription would always be beneficial.

To get a subscription to BT Sports you have to pay €41 per month, however, if you already have a Sky Sports subscription you can easily access BT sports and other sports channels with it.

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3. Sky Sports


Sky Sports is one way to stream Euroleague in Ireland. It is a sports channel with all-you-can-stream sports in Ireland. Sky Sports offers live streaming of various sports including football, rugby, basketball, cricket, tennis, golf, and more. 

With the online streaming service of Sky Sports, you get all the live streams and on-demand sports content on the same platform.

Sky Go is available for viewers ready to stream sports on their mobile devices. You also get highlights and passes to the sports events. Sky Sports is a streaming service that is available for viewers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

With the subscription to Sky sports, you also get BT sports, ESPN, and other sports channels. To subscribe to the service you will have to pay €10/month for the first six months.

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4. Fubo TV


FuboTV is a subscription-based US sports channel that streams the Europa League. It contains 80+ sports channels and other video-on-demand content for you to stream. You can stream Football, basketball, rugby, tennis, and other sports on this channel.

With Fubo TV you get different advantages such as a cloud DVR with storage of up to 30 hours and access to multiple sports streaming online.

Also, you get to stream on 2 different devices simultaneously which means you can share subscriptions to one account with your friends and family.

The streaming service has apps that are compatible with different devices including, Roku devices, Android and iOS mobiles, Smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

You can subscribe to FuboTV for $69.99 per month and enjoy streaming sports and movies online.

However, as mentioned FuboTV is only located in the US and requires a VPN service that can connect you to a US IP address. We recommend using ExpressVPN in order to get FuboTV in Ireland.

5. Eurosports


Eurosports is also one of the options to stream the Europa League in Ireland. It is a video-on-demand and live-streaming platform. Eurosports are available in Ireland and some other countries such as Italy, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

You will not need a VPN to stream the Europa league with Eurosports. You will be able to stream different sports on the streaming service including Football, Basketball, Tennis, and cricket.

Eurosports is a home for sports lovers who enjoy streaming different sports online. It is a premium streaming service and requires a subscription, you will have to create an account in order to stream sports on the network.

The subscription comes with an HD-quality display, recorded matches, articles, highlights for recent matches, and schedules for the upcoming series of events.

You can easily subscribe to Eurosports, the premium service has 3 subscription plans to choose from. You can be smart and choose the one that suits you. The following are the subscription plans:

Monthly Rolling Eurosport Player-£6.99/month

Eurosport Player Annual-£4.99/month

Eurosport Player Annual-£39.99/year

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Schedule of Europa League 2022-23

Match Date
RB Salzburg Vs. Roma February, 16
Barcelona Vs. Man United February, 16
Ajax Vs. Union Berlin February, 16
Shakhtar Donetsk Vs. Rennes February, 16
Sevilla Vs. PSV February, 16
Sporting Vs. Midtjylland February, 16
Juventus Vs. Nantes February, 16
Leverkusen Vs. Monaco February, 16
Sevilla Vs. PSV February, 23
Juventus Vs. Nantes February, 23
Sporting Vs. Midtjylland February, 23
Leverkusen Vs. Monaco February, 23
Ajax Vs. Union Berlin February, 23
RB Salzburg Vs. Roma February, 23
Shakhtar Donetsk Vs. Rennes February, 23
Barcelona Vs. Man United February, 23

Europa League Winner throughout the Years

Since 1971, there have been 51 seasons of the Europa League, and 29 clubs have won the title of the UEFA cup.

The Europa League, 2022-23, will be the 52nd season of the football tournament. Sevilla has been on top of the list 6 times now and has been the only one to win 3 tournaments in a row.

Other than that, 15 clubs have been able to win the tournament more than once. Stating the facts, 32 clubs have been unlucky and reached the finals without reaching the finals.

Spanish clubs have been the most successful in the game and paved their way by winning 13 titles. Other than that, Italy and England come second with 9 titles each. Here is a table to further guide you with the multiple-time winners of the league.

No. Club No. of Titles
1 Sevilla 6
2 Inter Millan 3
3 Liverpool 3
4 Juventus 3
5 Atletico Madrid 3
6 Borussia Monchengladbach 2
7 Tottenham Hotspar 2
8 Feyenoord 2
9 Eintracht Frankfurt 2
10 IFK Goteborg 2
11 Real Madrid 2
12 Parma 2
13 Porto 2
14 Chelsea 2

Other sports events to stream in Ireland

If you are a sports fan and live in Ireland, we have a few options for you to enjoy. You can watch the following sports in Ireland:

FAQs – Europa League

What is the difference between champions and Europa?

The UEFA Europa League is a lower-ranked league from the Champions League and was first known as UEFA Cup. In the Champions League, the top teams are facing off in Europe, while in Europa League, the fifth and sixth-best teams from each league are facing off.

What teams go to Europa League?

The winners of the FA Cup and the league’s fifth-placed side enter the Europa League groups, and the Carabao Cup winners enter the second qualifying round. Usually, the qualifiers for Europe are the top four Premier League teams qualifying for the Champions League group stage.

What dates are the Europa League games?

The last schedule of the UEFA Europa League was:

  1. September 16
  2. September 30
  3. October 21
  4. November 4
  5. November 25
  6. December 9


The Europa League is one of the most liked prime football leagues and has many Irish fans. These Irish fans recently discovered various ways to stream Europa League in Ireland.

All the free and premium channels to watch Europa League in Ireland are already listed in our guide, especially for you.

We recommend ExpressVPN bypassing the geo-restrictions of each service either free or premium.


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