How to Get Apollo IPTV in Ireland [Easy Steps | 2024]

Friday, June 21, 2024


Apollo IPTV is a great substitute for traditional cable connection, offering hundreds of local and international channels, and live and on-demand content in one place with a user-friendly interface.

With various subscription plans available, you can get Apollo IPTV in Ireland and access a wide range of entertainment, news, sports, and kids’ programs.

However, as it is an unofficial way of streaming, Apollo IPTV performs best and buffers less when connected through a premium VPN.

Like Surfshark, a reliable VPN is crucial to access Apollo IPTV in Ireland, where Internet Service Providers frequently block IPTV servers.

Our recommended VPN – Surfshark


SurfShark is our recommended choice for accessing Xtreme HD IPTV in Ireland, as it easily bypasses geo-restrictions, hides your streaming activity, and keeps your online identity safe while streaming.

Get yourself SurfShark today. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so use all its features risk-free for 30 days.

How to Get Apollo IPTV in Ireland

Apollo TV is one of the best IPTV services in Ireland if you are considering ditching traditional cable and satellite channels.

Before committing full-time, you can try Apollo TV for ten days with its free trial. Follow the steps below to get Apollo IPTV in Ireland:

Step 1: Download and install the Surfshark app on your device

Step 2: Open the app and connect to the US server (i.e., New York)


Step 3: Go to the Apollo TV IPTV website and click Create Account


Step 4: Enter your credentials


Step 5: Choose your preferred subscription plan


Step 6: Select your birth year


Step 7: Choose your payment method


Step 8: Send the amount to subscribe


Step 9: You will be redirected to your profile. Select the player link


Step 10: Enter your credentials


Step 11: Choose your profile


Step 12: Select the movie/show you want to watch


Step 13: Click Play


Step 14: Enjoy streaming


How to Watch Apollo IPTV in Ireland on Mobile Phones

Apollo IPTV is compatible with many streaming devices. In my guide, I have demonstrated how you can watch Appollo IPTV on your Android phones on the go with the Startup Show app.

The app is available on Google PlayStore. You will also need a premium VPN to hide your streaming activity.

Follow the steps below to watch Apollo IPTV in Ireland on mobile phones:

Step 1: Install our suggested Surfshark app on your device

Step 2: Connect to the US Server 


Step 3: Download the Startup Show app from the Google Play Store by clicking Install


Step 4: Open the app


Step 5: Enter the following link with your email and password: and click Download (you can also get the link and password  from your profile tab when you create your account)


Step 6: Select your profile


Step 7: Choose the movie/show/live channel you want to watch


Step 8: Enjoy streaming


Apollo IPTV Pricing Plans


Apollo IPTV offers four different subscription plans. Apollo TV only accepts Cryptocurrency, i.e., Bitcoin, as a mode of payment. 

The following are the subscription plans offered by Apollo IPTV:

  • $24.99 for 30 days
  • $51.99 for 90 days
  • $89.99 for 180 days
  • $159.99 for 365 days

All plans offer the following features:

  • Upto 5 devices per account 
  • 1,000+ HD Channels from the US, Latino, Nordic, Canada, UK, Germany, Arabic, etc
  • All categories (entertainment, sports, news, kids, etc.)
  • Over 5000 VOD content library

What Channels Are Available on Apollo IPTV?


Apollo TV offers hundreds of channels for entertainment, news, sports, TV shows, movies, etc. The following are some of the channels available on Apollo IPTV:

What Sports Can You Watch on Apollo IPTV?


The service provides several sports channels. The following is the list of sports/tournaments you can enjoy on Apollo IPTV:

Apollo IPTV Compatible Streaming Devices

Apollo IPTV is compatible with only selected streaming devices. You can get Apollo TV IPTV on the following devices:

  • FireTV Firestick Firestick4K Fire Cube
  • Nvidia-Shield
  • Xiaomi-MiBox
  • Android Mobile Devices
  • Android Box
  • iOS Devices

Other Streaming Services to Watch in Ireland

If you enjoy watching streaming, we recommend accessing the following streaming services in Ireland:

  1. Watch YouTube TV in Ireland
  2. Watch DirecTV in Ireland
  3. Watch Philo in Ireland
  4. Watch Hulu in Ireland
  5. Watch FuboTV in Ireland

FAQs – Apollo IPTV

Can I get Apollo IPTV for free?

You can try Apollo IPTV for ten days with its free trial before committing to a subscription plan.

Can you watch Apollo IPTV without a VPN?

As Apollo IPTV is an unofficial streaming service, if your ISP detects its use, they may block the service. A VPN is crucial to access any IPTV service.

What country server is recommended to watch Apollo TV?

Apollo IPTV recommends connecting to the following server location: 

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Latvia
  • Finland

How many devices can be used at once on Apollo IPTV?

Using a single network, you can simultaneously stream on up to five devices (such as TV, phone, laptop, computer, etc.).


Apollo IPTV offers unlimited live and on-demand content without a traditional cable channel to watch sports, entertainment, kids’ programs, news, etc.

You can get Apollo IPTV in Ireland by subscribing to any of its plans. However, you must use a premium VPN like Surfshark to stream the IPTV service without interruption.

Surfshark hides your streaming activity from your internet provider, which may throttle your connection speed and block the service. The VPN also unblocks geo-restricted content in Ireland.

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