How to Watch Titanic in Ireland [Free & Premium | 2024]

Thursday, July 25, 2024


Titanic is an American romantic film based on the real-life epic disaster of RMS Titanic. The story revolves around two fictional characters, Jack and Rose, who come from different social backgrounds and fall in love during the voyage.

The film was released on December 19, 1997, and has achieved significant critical and commercial success since then. It has won over 14 academy awards, 11 Oscars, and is now considered one of the most successful movies of all time.

You can watch Titanic in Ireland on Paramount+, Disney+Hotstar, Sky Go and To access all these services you’ll need to use a VPN. We suggest using ExpressVPN.

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How to Watch Titanic in Ireland [Easy Steps]

To watch Titanic in Ireland on Paramount+, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Subscribe to a reliable VPN. (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice)

Step 2: Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device.

Step 3: Open the VPN app and connect to a USA server. (We recommend New York)watch-titanic-in-ireland-3

Step 4: Visit the Paramount Plus website and click on Sign In


Step 5: You can Sign in if you already have an account OR click on Sign up to create an account 


Step 6: Click “Continue,” and you will be prompted to make an account


Step 7: Select the plan you want 


Step 8: Enter your information 


Step 9: Enter your credentials and click on “Start Paramount+” 


Step 10: Go to the home page and select the movie


Step 11: Click Watch Now and enjoy!


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4 Ways to Watch Titanic in Ireland

Here are four ways (Free and Premium) that you can use to watch Titanic in Ireland.

1. Paramount Plus (Premium)


Paramount Plus is an American subscription-based streaming service that also offers Titanic movies. You can subscribe to Paramount Plus for $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year and watch your favourite shows and movies.

You just need to connect to the US server over a reliable VPN (ExpressVPN) and enjoy watching Titanic on Paramount Plus as the Paramount Plus Canadian version doesn’t have Titanic.

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2. Disney+Hotstar (Premium)


Disney+ Hotstar is a popular subscription-based Indian streaming service that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows. It provides access to a vast library of content, including animated films, original series, documentaries, and more.

The basic Disney+Hotstar subscription starts at 299 INR. Do note that the service is geo-restricted to India. You’ll need a VPN (ExpressVPN) to connect to the Indian server and watch the movie.

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3. Sky Go (Premium)


Sky Go is a streaming service offered by Sky TV. It allows subscribers to watch their favourite TV shows, movies, and sports events on the go, using their internet-connected devices.

Titanic is available on Sky Go, but you must purchase a subscription first. Currently, Sky TV is offering Sky Stream along with Netflix for just £29.00 a month. The first month is a free trial which you can cancel anytime you want.

This is a great option if you already are a Sky TV customer since the service is available in Ireland without any geo-restrictions.

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watch-titanic-in-ireland-on-cataz is a free streaming site where you can watch all the latest movies and TV shows from various genres free of cost.

However, isn’t an official broadcaster and has no broadcasting rights for its content. Although is available in Ireland, we still suggest connecting to a VPN (ExpressVPN) first since it is an ad-supported site, and they aren’t always reliable.

What is the Plot of Titanic?

Titanic’s story begins with Brock Lovett, a deep-sea explorer who discovers a drawing of a woman wearing a valuable diamond called “The Heart of the Ocean” during his exploration of the Titanic wreckage.

The drawing catches the attention of 100-year-old Rose Calvert, a survivor of the Titanic, who recognizes herself as the woman in the picture. She shares her story with Brock and reveals her connection to the Titanic.

Rose, engaged to wealthy Caledon Hockley, boards the Titanic in Southampton with her mother on April 10th, 1912, 84 years in the past. On the same ship, Jack Dawson joins as a lower-class passenger after winning tickets in a poker game.

Upset and unhappy about her mother’s plan to arrange her marriage, young Rose becomes so desperate that she thinks about jumping off the back of the ship. But Jack comes to her rescue, marking the beginning of their love story.

Who is the cast of Titanic?

The cast of Titanic is as follows:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson
  • Kate Winslet as Rose Dewitt Bukater
  • Billy Zane as Cal Hockley
  • Kathy Bates as Molly Brown
  • Frances Fisher as Ruth Dewitt Bukater
  • Gloria Stuart as Old Rose
  • Bill Paxton as Brock Lovett
  • Bernard Hill as Captain Smith
  • David Warner as Spicer Lovejoy
  • Victor Garber as Thomas Andrews
  • Jonathan Hyde as Bruce Ismay
  • Suzy Amis as Lizzy Calvert
  • Lewis Abernathy as Lewis Bodine
  • Nicholas Cascone as Bobby Buell
  • Anatoly M. Sagalevitch as Dr. Anatoly M. Sagalevitch
  • Danny Nucci as Fabrizio
  • Jason Barry as Tommy Ryan

How to Watch Titanic on Smartphones in Ireland

Follow the steps below to watch Titanic on your smartphone in Ireland for free. You would need a VPN since is an unofficial site.

Step 1: Download and install the ExpressVPN app.


Step 2: Connect to a US server (Recommended: New Jersey).


Step 3: Open OR on your smartphone browser.

Step 4: Click on Search. Type in “Titanic”. Select the movie.


Step 5: Click on “Watch Now”.


Step 6: Enjoy streaming!watch-titanic-in-ireland-smartphone-6

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FAQs – Titanic

Are Jack and Rose from the movie real?

Despite the fact that most of the characters are historically accurate in the movie, Jack and Rose are not based on real-life people.

What are the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Titanic?

The IMDb rating of the movie is 7.9/10, and the Rotten Tomatoes ratings are 88%.

Is Titanic on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Titanic is not available on Netflix, but it is available on Amazon Prime.

Was Titanic filmed in Ireland?

Although the real-life RMS Titanic ship was made in Ireland, the film, however, was filmed primarily in Mexico.


This 1997 classic film is considered one of the most successful movies of all time. If you haven’t already watched it, Titanic offers an emotional journey that will transport you back to the tragic events of the RMS Titanic.

Featuring a stellar cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, the film beautifully combines romance, drama, and historical events to create an unforgettable cinematic experience.

If you want to watch Titanic in Ireland for free, you can do so on by using a VPN as it is an unofficial site. Alternatively, you can explore other options such as Disney+Hotstar, Paramount+ or Sky Go, though they may require subscriptions.

Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN, which not only allows you to enjoy your favourite movies but also keeps your privacy protected.

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